SSS Fitness Home Workout Series | 22/03/2020

Home Workouts for Staying Fit During the Coronavirus Shutdown

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As social distancing has become a must, gyms, parks and fitness studios have now closed in many cities including Dubai to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

While a gym or yoga session is an escape from the day’s stress for any fitness buff, it’s a place to avoid right now since a humid environment is perfect for germs and viruses to thrive. This doesn’t mean you’ve to press the pause button on your workouts and yoga sessions. Instead of bingeing on Netflix and 24-hour news reports, social distancing can be made productive by doing simple exercises at home. Not only will it keep you fit and positive, but also boost your immunity, reduce stress and anxiety, and keep you busy – which is exactly what everyone needs right now.

It’s important to stick to your fitness regime no matter what. So, we’ve decided to bring some endorphin-producing, mind-boosting workout videos for you as you ride out social distancing. To keep things interesting, each video focuses on a different area and type of training.

Power Workout

Power training is all about improving your strength and speed. A good power workout that includes jump rope, burpees or squats will help build your endurance and strength. Burpees, especially, are great because they give you a full-body workout — which is why trainers always recommend them.

David Poole shows us how it’s done.

Calories burned: 350 – 400 cal
3 rounds (40 seconds on/20 seconds off)
Skipping rope
Squats Bands
Hang clean and press

Yoga & Core Workout

Yoga and core exercises are a great option if you want to improve your flexibility, posture, balance and stability. They also help to reduce lower back pain, allow quick recovery and boost energy levels. No matter what sport or training you’re into, flexibility and core strength helps to improve overall athletic performance.

Yuliana shows us some yoga and core strengthening moves.

Calories burned: 300 cal
3 rounds
20 Standing side-leg pulls
20 Seated hand-to-toe-big-toe
20 Hip raises
20 Ball jackknifes

These exercises require basic equipment such as a skipping rope, yoga mat, resistance bands, or dumbbells. You can also get creative and use simple items at home that can double up as equipment like using water cans or heavy books as weights and a chair for bench presses. If you’re a beginner or have had an injury, we recommend you to start slow or consult a trained professional before embarking on any training regime.

Fitness Equipment for Workout

Try to minimise stress and use your time wisely. Stay home, stay safe and sweat it out. Don’t forget to maintain hygiene and clean the equipment after your workout. For more inspiration, stay tuned for the next workout video on our IGTV. Share your home workout videos and tag us @sunsandsports.




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