Health Tips | 22/04/2020

Importance of Mental Health

By Shaikh Fahad

We always ask others about their well-being, but it is a question that is we often forget to ask our own selves. A lot is happening around lately, with the best solution being, is staying indoors. You probably must have tried almost every social media trend to keep yourself entertained.

Being mentally strong at such times is a great quality to pose. It is very easy to get lost in this noise and you are not alone in it. You could be experiencing frustration or grief in such moments and there is a lack of an outlet for such emotions. This without a doubt is a time which we’ve never experienced before. A time with mixed emotions and feelings. Verily, not much can be changed about this, however, you still have the ability to control your reaction to the situation.

Here are some of the ways you can stay in great control of your mental wellbeing.

Fuel your creativity
Staying indoors allows us to save a lot of time. This time could be utilized to be creative and create those projects you’ve always wanted to do. You could be creative in many ways. Some people can express their creativity through art, while some can express it with music. Writing a poem or doing a dance routine can also ease off the stress you may be having.

Play a game
There are various you can pick from while being indoors when it comes to playing games. Picking up a game on your smartphone is the most convenient way forward. Word Connect and Wood Block puzzle are great examples of games you could download on your phone.  If you like to keep it old school, your options lie in Monopoly, Chess, Carrom and Ludo. 

Importance of Mental Health | SSS

Working out is a great way to be physically fit as well as mentally. We’ve compiled some great exercises that can be done staying indoors. You could work on your strength, agility and core. It’s likewise an incredible instrument for overseeing nervousness and stress and will assist you in taking a break for the duration of the day. Check them out here.

Being mindful to support your immune system
A few minutes of meditation can reset your mind and perspective to look at the positive aspects. Breathing exercises can slow down the heart rate, which in return can help you to buffer the stress.
Some ways of mindful support could be connecting with an old friend, meditation and eating healthy meals.    

During these times don’t forget to check on your friends. Give them a call or drop them a message. Help each other out in any way and this will be over soon.
Together we can battle the blues, stay calm and be motivated during these times.
Try one of the mentioned activities and see if it helps.
Stay Home, Stay Safe.


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