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How to Use Your GoPro Hero4 Camera

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We’ve all seen GoPro footage in some shape or form, and it usually takes us on an adrenaline-fueled adventure, performed ultimately by the pros – a reality somewhat removed from our more tame outdoor adventures. But don’t let this put you off, because the GoPro Hero4 camera can be used by absolutely everyone – I mean if I can use it, anyone can.



GoPro HD Camera

Last month the Sun & Sand Sports team embarked on a GoPro Training Day at Wadi Adventure and having never used a GoPro, I was the prime example of the everyday consumer. To begin with, the GoPro team took us through the steps to setting up the equipment, getting us well acquainted with the cameras and the GoPro accessories before we hit the action on our outdoor adventure. We tested out the nifty little GoPro Hero4 Session and this is what we learned: It is 50% smaller and 40% lighter than other Hero4 cameras, so it’s really easy to carry along with you – featuring a simple flexibility in its ball joint buckle so that you can twist and turn the camera to catch your experience at different angles and you don’t miss a thing. The Hero4 Session is compatible with all GoPro mounts – so you can strap it to your chest, mount it on your surf board, or wear it on your helmet and capture the whole experience without any distraction.



When it comes to recording you can choose the video function for high quality footage and capture a life-like playback in 1440p30 and 1080p60 video, or take a series of snapshots with the camera in a variety of photo modes. Capture 8MP single photos, Burst photos at 10 frames per second, or try out the Time Lapse functionality and take photos at set intervals from 0.5 to 60 seconds. You can make this as simple or as technical as you want – it’s completely your choice, and the more you practice, the more layers you can add each time you film. Watch the ‘How to Use Your GoPro’ video to see how it’s done and what you need to get started.


3. GO …PRO

GoPro HD Camera

Now that we were kitted out with our cameras, it was time to put the GoPro to the test. First on the agenda was the wave pool: board at the ready and camera mounted, we hit the waves. Perfect for a surf session, the Hero4 Session is durable, waterproof and sleek in design, which makes it perfect for a day in the water. Go surfing with it, take it diving and the camera will still perform down to 10m. We also tried it out on the rapids with a white water rafting session, and even as we got pushed and pulled about by the current (not to mention falling in a few times), our trusty GoPro stayed strong and kept on filming. With its built-in battery, the Hero4 Session will film for up to 2 hours on full charge, so you can simply leave it to record your journey and think about the edits later.

We added some height, a zipline and a giant swing to the experience to capture the world from a different angle and to see how the camera performed out of the water. The dual mic system meant that the camera retained high quality sound even when filming in windy conditions and during those high-speed activities it automatically switched to the mic best-suited to capturing the highest audio quality. So my screaming in the wind was still caught on film, whether I liked it or not.



Now that we had our content, it was time to make the edits. Fitting right in with the latest technology, the GoPro Hero4 Session has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so you can connect to the GoPro App and control the camera remotely with your phone. You can also share the content on social media and tag your friends as soon as you share your video with the world.

If you want to film your next outdoor adventure, or any adventure for that matter, get your hands on a GoPro Hero4 camera and all the GoPro accessories at your nearest Sun & Sand Sports store. Or better yet, enter our photo competition for the chance to win a range of prizes, including a GoPro Hero4 Silver camera, or have your adventure-themed photo published on the cover of OutdoorUAE magazine. Check out what our Outdoor section has to offer so you can get kitted out before you head out on your next trip.

GoPro HD Camera

*The GoPro Hero4 Session is coming soon to Sun & Sand Sports.


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