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Get Ready, Get Set and Get Running this Marathon Season

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By SSS Team
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Running is a great sport to take up because it consumes a lot of energy and is one of the quickest ways to exert the body. Running in cooler climates tends to be much more enjoyable as you can push yourself further and go for longer, compared to running in hot temperatures. The UAE is now entering it’s 2017 running season with large scale marathons such as the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2017 just around the corner. So prepare your body for all the running you’ll be doing this marathon season with some helpful tips from Sun & Sand Sports – and find the best in sportswear at

1. Hydrate Yourself


Chugging a bottle of water before heading out for a run is uncomfortable for your body and ineffective, because you just feel it all sloshing about while you run. You should aim to drink a glass of water every hour until it’s time for you to set out on your run. This gives your body the right level of water consumption it needs to stay hydrated throughout the exercise and the day more generally. Ideally you should be drinking around 8-16oz of water for an hour or 2 before you set out on your run, particularly when it comes to marathon time.

2. Eat Well



Eating properly doesn’t mean you have to eat a lot of food, it is more about having small portions of nutritious food often. Stay away from food that is hard to digest, including fried foods, cheeses, etc. Your aim here should be to combine carbohydrates, natural sugars and protein in your diet before your run. You can also get detailed statistics for your body with the TomTom Spark Cardio + Music Fitness Watch.

3. The Running Shoes



Having shoes that fit your feet well, that cushion your every step and absorb impact will ensure that you keep going for miles. Make sure that your running shoes fit by first trying them out on short runs – if you get any blisters or feel any numbness or discomfort, then you need better fitting shoes. Your heel should stay snugly in the shoe and you should have plenty of room to wiggle your toes. Get yourself the best fitting shoe that can also help you to run your best in marathons with the Nike Air Zoom Vomero 12 Running Shoes.

4. Dress the Part



Having the right equipment when you’re on your run directly impacts the way you run. Wearing light, breathable clothing ensures that sweat is wicked away and your body remains cool and comfortable. As you run, your body temperature increases by 10-15 degrees and hence it’s imperative that you dress as if the weather is 10-15 degrees warmer. With the Nike Zonal Cooling Relay Short Sleeve T-Shirt for men or the Nike Breathe Rapid Tank Top for women, you’ll be running freely and comfortably.

5. Warm Up Effectively



A smart warm-up gives your joints, muscles and bones a chance to loosen up. It also gradually raises your heart rate and makes it simpler for you to get into the rhythm that you’ll eventually sustain throughout your run so that you finish up feeling energised and exhilarated. By gently walking for 3-5 minutes, doing 5-6 hundred-metre strides and performing dynamic stretches such as skipping, sidestepping, and weave stepping should be enough to get your body ready for a marathon. And when you are wearing comfortable clothing like the Reebok Running 2-in-1 Shorts for men or the Nike Power Epic Lux Running Capris for women, your run will be as easy and smooth as your warm-ups.

Running is the king of cardio and you too can be running to your fitness goals with these tips from the Sun & Sand Sports’ team. Gear up and prepare for those marathons in the upcoming running season with confidence. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on the latest in sportswear, fashion and trends.




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