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The Evolution of adidas Originals

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The year was 1972, the place: Munich Olympic Games. A German sports shoemaker was busy revolutionising the game with the new adidas brand. With icons of the time lacing up and training in adidas gear, fans everywhere were paying close attention to this three-striped brand. The 1972 Olympics saw adidas unveil their new logo, the Trefoil. Little did they know of the profound impact it would have on the sports and lifestyle industry in the decades to come.

Iconic in every way, the Trefoil appeared everywhere — from the shoes of tennis legend Stan Smith to the boots of mountaineer extraordinaire, Reinhold Messner and even the football jerseys of the Argentinian team, inspiring their fans across the board. And then in a moment of blissful cultural appropriation, it crossed over to a space that nobody had expected: the music and art scene.

When an adidas employee attended a concert by rap group Run DMC, little did he expect to see the trio hold up the three-striped shoe to the beats of ‘My adidas’, amidst their lyrical compilation of life’s trials and tribulations. Run DMC had been sporting the sneakers for some time and through their music and amounting fame they managed to tap into a whole new audience. adidas sneakers quickly spilled out of stadiums and onto the streets, flying off the shelves and appearing on the feet of pop culture icons like Bob Marley, David Bowie and Jim Morrison. The brand quickly sealed this connection with its special Run DMC line of sneakers, giving birth to non-athletic products and altering the face of hip-hop culture forever.

With every passing generation, adidas has come to be closely associated with urban art and culture. In the ‘90s when the brand switched back to its three-stripe logo, artists like Missy Elliot and Korn proudly sported the Trefoil in music videos and live gigs. The influence that adidas started to have on music, art and street style was simply impossible to ignore, leading to the launch of an urban iteration of the adidas brand: adidas Originals was born. The Trefoil logo became the official Originals branding, embodying a cultural and fashion mantra, while its counterpart — adidas Performance, stuck closely to its athletic stance with the three-stripe logo at the forefront.

adidas Originals

Taking inspiration from trendy sportswear, adidas Originals has come to represent a fusion of sporting spirit and style. This unique aesthetic favours a sports-luxe feel that takes inspiration from the authentic vintage sports footwear and apparel that made it what it is today because each product marked with the Trefoil is a reinterpretation of a classic design worn by athletes. Every adidas Originals product has real history, which makes it unique and special. From retro-styled clothing to vintage footwear, each product in the Originals collection comes with a 40-year legacy of innovation, style and evolution.

Originals inspires its audience to find their own distinct and original voice, and to express themselves through style. By collaborating with artists and musicians, Originals continues to engage in conversations that are culturally relevant. While they aren’t built for training like the adidas Perfomance line, Originals has risen to the status of a trend-setter brand for fashionable and functional sportswear, with a twist. It’s no surprise to see that creative collaborations with the likes of Missy Elliot, Jeremy Scott, Rita Ora and Pharrell Williams have become prized possessions of sneakerheads on a global scale.

Today, from the court to the catwalk, adidas Originals inspires both the athlete and the fashionista alike. Bringing together sport, street and style, Originals dares you to pick heart over head and go all in, expressing yourself in the way that feels best. There’s no better way to experience this style and spirit than by owning an adidas Originals product. Check out our adidas Originals page for the latest range and make your personal style statement today.


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