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Football Season With Sun & Sand Sports

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The UEFA Euro 2016 is here and football season is officially back in session. With the top national teams in Europe competing for the coveted title of Euro 2016 winners, we are in for an exceptional tour de force of performance, passion and glory.

We’re as excited as you are and can’t wait for the fixtures to begin. Our personal favourite has to be Group 1. With big dogs Spain, Germany, England, Portugal and Belgium all fighting to be in the top 2 and qualifying to enter the knockout phase, this will be one of the most entertaining groups to watch. And that is not at all discounting the other group – this is the UEFA Euro 2016 after all. Expect intense action and commitment from each and every team throughout the tournament. Starting from the 10th of June and continuing until the 10th of July for the finals, Sun & Sand Sports will be keeping you updated on all the football news, football highlights and everything else related to football season.

But is that all that we have to offer? Not in the slightest. Let’s make it easier for you to grasp what Sun & Sand Sports will be up to for the Euros and beyond.


Nad Al Sheeba (NAS) Tournament


The annual Ramadan NAS Tournament hosts a number of exciting sports competitions – from football to running, cycling and more. It is such a sought after event that even the Crown Prince of Dubai attends it in its final legs. Sun & Sand Sports will be partnering up with NAS this year to bring you all the action as semi-professional footballers participate and compete against each other in 5-a-side matches, with the tournament spreading over 21 days and expecting over 5000 participants, all in the running to earn themselves the title of the best 5-a-side team in the region.

And that’s not all. SSS will also be creating an exciting panna football cage arena where participants or spectators can play 1v1 in the hopes of defeating their football rival. And the great thing is that anyone can participate, so bring your friends along and show off your skills!


365Scores Mobile App Feature


This 4.5 star rated application features on the Google play, Apple and Windows store and is one of the most used applications by sports followers around the world. With around 2.7 million users, this app helps you to choose your favourite teams and leagues from which you can then create your own Sport Channel hub that can also include all scores, standings, sports news, tweets and highlights – all in ONE place. We will be featuring our latest top-of-the-line sports products on the app – so your retail experience is only a tap away!


The Football Hub

Sun & Sand Sports will be dedicating itself to providing you with live football-related content and football news during the season. We’ll have regular updates, including football highlights, new kit launches, player transfers, live football scores, fixtures and much more – all on our dedicated Football page.


The SSS Tournament

We love football as much as you do, so we’re hosting our very own football tournament for everyone to get involved in. There will be a number of 5-a-side teams competing against one another in a mammoth 16-hour tournament – which will all take place in the space of a day. The last team standing with the most number of points will be crowned the champions and will walk away with winnings amounting to AED 21,000!

Sign-up has officially begun and it’s time to register your team. Head to the SSS registration page and sign up now!


If Football Isn’t Your Thing…


Did you think we’d forget about you? We know that football season isn’t for everyone, so if isn’t your thing then fret not because we’ll have plenty of things in store for you as well. Our Become blog will be featuring content about the latest fitness trends in the region, healthy recipes to try out, team sports to get involved in and much more. We’ll have you covered so that there is a little bit of everything, with something to suit everyone.

And so with UEFA Euro 2016 underway, Sun & Sand Sports is here to cater to every football enthusiast in the region. So if football is your cup of tea, then this is the place to be. Check out our dedicated Football page for all the updates you need to know this season and go football crazy with Sun & Sand Sports.


Register Your Team


SSS Football Page



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