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Find Your Feet With Vibram

By Karen Gregory
Copywriter, SSSPORTS.COM

When you walk, what do you feel? Do you feel anything at all? That’s referring to your feet, of course. Think about how often you are not in footwear; at home, perhaps doing water activities or walking the beach?

We enjoy being barefoot because it gives us a sense of freedom. In fact, the foot is an important sensory part of your body, which, when barefoot, sends signals to your brain to tell you to react and be aware of the immediate surface beneath.

Now, the Vibram range of shoes from Sun & Sand Sports can give you that close-to-barefoot feeling allowing you to walk, run, train and explore just like we were made to, before mankind discovered shoes!

There are two characteristics which are distinctive in this unusual, interesting shoe, so let us break them down for you.

Vibram FiveFingers ®

What are those toes?

These are articulated, or flexible sections unique to the Vibram range for each toe so that you can wiggle them and move just like walking around with no shoes. These may take some getting used to, but the Vibram 5Toe NoShow Sock can help your foot slide into these shoes with ease.


What’s special about the Vibram soles?

Each Vibram shoe has a slightly adapted sole to aid a specific activity, but Megagrip technology is present in all Vibram shoes ensuring that you steady yourself on wet and dry surfaces with a highly durable rubber compound.

The Vibram V-Aqua Water Shoe even comes with perforations in the sole to drain away excess water- no more soggy shoes!

Vibram Aqua Shoes English

The VI-LITE sole in the Vibram V-Run Shoe has more shock absorption in the 4mm cushioning system, making this an ideal shoe for those who run longer distances.

Vibram Running Shoes English

XS Trek rubber soles found in the Vibram V-Train Shoe is slightly tougher as it provides stability, comfort, traction and response and can withstand heavy weight lifting and high intensity workouts such as CrossFit.

Vibram V Train Shoes Eng

Take a [barefoot] step towards a new walking, running and training experience with the Vibram range from Sun & Sand Sports.

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