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3 Ways To Get Creative With Yoga

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Yoga has taken on so many different dimensions and has evolved in many ways from its original practices, and although we don’t want to lose the power of yoga’s traditions and foundations, it’s always a good idea to mix things up a little with your sports routine, to keep things fresh and interesting!


There are so many new sports trends to try out, to mix up those moves – from Pole Fit, to SUP Fitness, and even couples’ workouts. There’s no excuse not to get active in today’s fitness world.

By adding elements of gymnastics, dance and aerobic moves to the classic teachings of yoga, we see the sport evolving into a hugely creative space – accessible to people with many different interests, recognising yoga as a true lifestyle sport globally, while continuing to add balance and energy to our hectic daily routines.


Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced Yogi, the Sun & Sand Sports team has a few ideas for you, so you can practice your yoga moves in a variety of ways, keeping your fitness routine nice and fresh.


Your Outdoor Zen


The yoga concept is all about breathing and feeling at one with your body, so what better way to practice, than by enjoying the outdoors and the beauty of nature. The outdoor yoga scene is certainly flourishing in the UAE, with many Vinyasa classes taking place in parks and on beaches, particularly now that the weather is so great for getting outdoors. For an all-round yoga workout, we suggest a 30-minute Ashtanga session, for a full body series of continuous poses, which helps to achieve control, awareness and relaxation – it’s a really holistic approach to yoga and low impact fitness more generally.


Hit the Water


As a new style of workout, Paddleboard Yoga is fast becoming one of the favourites for Yogis in the region. The sea vibes and mellow waters add to the whole yoga experience, particularly a more relaxed, meditative form of yoga, such as Hatha, as you really take in the feeling of your surroundings. The added challenge of stabilising the board will vastly help to improve your balance and core stability, empowering the whole body and mind in this style of workout.


Defy Gravity


Swing into a new form of yoga that finds its foundations (or lack of) in aerial gymnastics. Swing yoga, also known as aerial yoga comprises a mix of dance and Pilates techniques that have been added to your classic yoga postures, and all using a hammock as a balancing seat, making it both a relaxing and powerful sport, not to mention a whole lot of fun – particularly when you go with friends!


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