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Yoga: Why it is Just So Good

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By SSS Team
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Continuing our October series for Breast Cancer Awareness month, the Sun & Sand Sports team is collecting all the necessary tips and ideas to encourage women to do what’s best for their bodies and minds as we take a holistic approach to health and fitness. We highlight the importance of yoga as part of your daily fitness routine and giving you the power to beat off those unwanted health issues.

Today’s tip is about being your own guru and choosing yoga as your balanced, all-rounded form of exercise. Research shows that practicing yoga on a regular basis can have huge benefits on the body, as you focus your mind and body on controlling your breathing, practising visualisation techniques and improving overall flexibility. These are some of the reasons why yoga is so good for you:


Powerful immune system

It’s all about balance. As meditation empowers the connection between the body’s organs, it is considered a natural “booster” for defensive cells against the physical and psychological effects of the environment on our bodies.


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Pure body and mind

Yoga uses gravity in a smart way. Instructors emphasise the fact that certain breathing techniques and postures will encourage your organs to release toxins, as a kind of natural cleaning mechanism, not forgetting the fact that meditation purifies the mind and soul with every breath.


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Strong bones

Bones are the powerhouses of our bone marrow stock – the hub of white cells that protect our bodies and empower the immune system. The interesting thing about yoga is that it divides weight distribution on the bones in a balanced way, which is imperative to understanding the way our bodies move and how we can maintain a healthy focus on the structure of our bodies day in day out.


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Deeper sleep

Yoga embodies the concepts of keeping calm, and maintaining peace and positivity – the three important elements of having those sweet dreams we all love. Research shows that the mental balance that yoga offers after regular sessions can have a huge effect on managing stress and getting good quality sleep.


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Controlled weight

It’s not how much weight you lose with yoga, it’s about the ability to maintain this loss and give your body and mind the much-needed balance to control depression, nutritional choices and to be healthier overall. That’s the magic of yoga, it makes you re-consider and evaluate what is best for your body.


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Check out the SSS Yoga series for more details on yoga techniques and tips from the team. You can find all your yoga products at to get you started on your journey to finding your inner Zen. Sign up to the Sun & Sand Sports newsletter below to get the latest information in health, sport and nutrition.


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