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SSS Weekly Challenge: 4 Healthy Swaps For A Better Lifestyle

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By SSS Team
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Let’s face it – you don’t wake up one day and switch to a healthy lifestyle. It’s a habit that needs to be developed and cultivated. In order to switch to a healthy lifestyle, you must train yourself so that your body slowly, but gradually adapts to the changes.

Follow our SSS Weekly Challenge, try out these four simple swaps and set yourself up with these healthy life hacks!

Swap Takeout With Homemade Lunch

weekly challenge healthy swaps better lifestyle

Munching on a homemade turkey sandwich feels so much better than a greasy burger. Cooking is said to be therapeutic and even if you can’t cook like Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver, you can surely make yourself a healthy sandwich. Add a couple of fruits to the mix and maybe a Greek yoghurt or dark chocolate to satisfy your pre or post-lunch cravings.

Swap Social Media With Midday Walks

weekly challenge healthy swaps better lifestyle Dubai

You’ve spent more than 10 hours staring at your laptop and in your free time, you opt to scroll through Instagram or Facebook? To cultivate a healthier lifestyle by going offline for 15 minutes. Don’t carry your phone, don’t stare at your laptop and instead, head out for a quick walk. Breath in, breath out and do a digital detox every day.

Swap Caffeine With Flavoured Water

weekly challenge healthy swap better lifestyle Abu Dhabi

This tip is more suited for coffee addicts. While one cup of coffee is not bad, drinking too much caffeine can affect your digestion, increase anxiety levels and propel stress. To reduce your dependency on caffeine, try swapping your second cup of coffee with flavoured water. Squeeze in some lemon, add mint leaves or simply cut up fruits like strawberries into a bottle of water to keep you energized.

Swap Refined Sugar With Fruits

weekly challenge healthy swap better lifestyle UAE

Resisting sugary treats like a bar of chocolate, tea or coffee can be difficult but by swapping it with fruits like banana or apples, you train your mind to crave natural rather than refined sugars. A daily dose of Vitamin C and D helps in regulating blood flow, reduces stress and acts as an anti-oxidant.

Try out these simple swaps; get your friends, family and colleagues involved and adopt a healthier lifestyle together.





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