Sporting Life | 21/10/2015

Running Season Has Arrived

By SSS Editorial

As the mercury begins to dip, it’s time to dust off those running shoes and hit the track, making the most of the cooler season. While we all know that getting up off the couch or finding time in a hectic schedule can feel like a daunting task on its own, it’s important to remember why we should all be a little more active in our daily lives. Sure, we all know the health benefits but it’s also the emotional and mental wellbeing that we benefit from as we strive to beat our personal best, no matter what that may be.

Running Season Has Arrived

Are you looking to get involved in the local running scene? These are a few events to sign up to this season:

Daman’s ActiveLife Electric Run
Location: Meydan Grandstand
Date: 6 November 2015

Feeling blue? Did you know that even a small amount of exercise releases endorphins which create a natural feeling of happiness and euphoria. And what an environment to feel uplifted in with music, lights and partying through the Lands of Light at the Electric 5km Run.

We Run DXB – Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard
Location: Downtown
Date: 13 November 2015

Time to turn it up a gear and conquer your 10km personal best at the Nike We Run DXB event, amidst the beautiful surroundings of Downtown Dubai. An office environment can often be a stressful one but as you train for this event, you’ll be increasing your body’s natural concentration of norepinephrine — a chemical that moderates the brain’s response to stress. So it’s time to start getting active and shaking off those office tensions.

7 Emirates Run
Location: Start off at Abu Dhabi Corniche
Date: 21 November – 2 December 2015

Whether it’s a long-term goal or a day-by-day task, setting challenging and achievable goals is incredibly important in all aspects of life as this brings us focus, drive and at the end of it all, a sense of achievement. Training for a mammoth event like the 7 Emirates Run might not be for everyone, but inspiring others to follow in your footsteps brings its own sense of achievement.

Colour Run
Location: Dubai Autodrome
Date: 21 November 2015

Known as the happiest 5km on the planet, this untimed run sees friends and family from all ages coming together to soak up some sunshine and vital Vitamin D, while being blasted in powdered paint in true Colour Run tradition. Get involved and experience all the fun, colour and music that this event has to offer.


Running is a fantastic form of exercise and can easily be done as a solo or team session, and the benefits go a long way to leading a happier and healthier life.

In order to truly benefit from your run you will need the right shoes. Having the right running shoes and clothes will help to prevent injury and to keep your run light, cool and comfortable. There will be more to come in 2016, so stay tuned to the Sun & Sand Sports Blog for the next list of races to be training for.


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