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Ride On, It’s Go Skateboarding Day!

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By SSS Team
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It’s June 21st which marks the official Go Skateboarding Day! It’s not like skaters have ever needed an excuse to get their shred on, but to have a day dedicated to the thrill of the sport just makes it all the more special. Marking the 14th annual celebration of this official holiday of skateboarding, skaters across the world will show their love for skating by attending skate events, skating across cities, hanging out at skate parks and exchanging ideas on how to find new ways to defy the laws of gravity.


Go Skateboarding Day began on June 21st 2004 as a way for skateboarders to take a day off from all other obligations and revel in skate culture. Starting out from a few simple skate sessions and barbeque parties held in Southern California, the movement spread across the world to form a cooperative of decentralized events taking place around the globe. Formalised by the International Association of Skateboard Companies, this worldwide holiday brings together people of all colours, creeds, beliefs and attitudes who share a love for skateboarding. From skate park eagles to street carvers, skaters around the world create their own events and start their own traditions to celebrate skateboarding and the culture that it embodies.



Be a part of this world wide celebration by getting your skate on with our top skateboarding picks:

Krooked Gonz Rueben Deck – 8.18″


Nail sweet tricks on the Krooked Gonz Rueben Deck – 8.18″ for men. Ideal for skaters of every skill, it features a custom spray paint graphic on the bottom. The deck measures 8.18” X 31.84” and has pre-drilled holes for easy skate truck assembly.


Sector 9 Fernando Complete Assorted Longboard


Ride the streets on the Sector 9 Fernando Complete Assorted Longboard for men. Inspired by the Fernando de Noronha beach in Brazil, it features a 5-ply vertical laminated bamboo construction with a taco mould. A clear grip tape delivers a confident grip as high quality components ensure you ride and carve with ease.


Antihero Eagle Cuff Beanie


The Antihero Eagle Cuff Beanie for men keeps your dome warm as it features a complete acrylic fabric build. This beanie bears an embroidered Antihero patch on the cuff, so that you look cool while riding down the streets on your board.


Vans Canvas Old Skool Shoe


Perfect your ollie in the Vans Canvas Old Skool Shoe. A classic skate shoe and the first to bare the iconic side stripe, this shoe features a low-top lace-up silhouette and a durable canvas upper with metal eyelets. With its padded tongue and lining, and the Vans signature rubber waffle outsole, this shoe is a true skate staple.

As the world gathers around its shared love for gnarly tricks and serious air, Go Skateboarding Day is the perfect opportunity to rediscover the essence of skateboarding, its freedom, culture and creative interpretations. Show off your skate pride this Go Skateboarding Day by checking out the latest skateboarding products online at Sun & Sand Sports. Have fun, go skateboarding!




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