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Nike Plus Size: We Are All Different

By Karen Gregory
Copywriter, SSSPORTS.COM

In the U.S, August 26th marks Women’s Equality Day and a time for everyone to reflect upon the very idea of equality. Equal importance, equal representation and equal recognition; no matter who we are and what we do. In the context of sports clothing, this also means equality no matter what size or shape we are as athletes.

Just as no two people have the same personality, we all have different bodies. The introduction of Nike Plus Size means that a brand that is well known and well respected by millions has given a great, “we hear you” to all women. It’s a breakthrough, creating clothing that gives women the look and feel in sports fashion and fitness clothing like never before.

Nike Plus Size means that clothing sizes XL and above aren’t just larger versions of common t-shirts or leggings. The collection takes into account how the garments anatomically fit on larger proportioned busts, hips and waists. Don’t forget to browse the size guide when you shop for each plus size product for more information on the right fit for you.

nike versa training crew t shirt

Nike power training leggings plus size

The range delivers the innovative, tried and tested fabrics such as Nike Power, offering stretch and support in strategic areas, plus Nike Dri-FIT material that wicks sweat away from the body and keeps you cool and dry.

Moreover, there is no compromising on style, with the collection sporting trending block colours and modern cuts throughout.

nike dry graphics tshirt

nike flex bliss pants


Don’t miss the Nike Plus Size collection for women, plus more style drops coming your way this season from Nike and more of your favourite brands in plus size.

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