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Nike Metcon 4: Start Your Training Right

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For many fitness fans, the New Year is an opportunity to welcome new challenges and set new goals. But the hardest part is sticking to these resolutions. So before hurrying to sign up for your new annual gym membership, it’s best to be prepared, grab the right training gear and keep in mind these tips that will help you get started on the right foot and keep you motivated throughout the year.

Train and think positive

Nike Metcon 4 Dubai

Before embarking on your fitness journey, you must have the right attitude. The physical part is already a given – you know it will be tough. How you deal with these hurdles is another aspect of training. Think of the reasons why you train. Maybe you want to shed some holiday weight, or simply improve your overall health and fitness. Use those reasons to motivate yourself to keep going and have fun with it. If your heart and mind are in it, the body will follow. Results may not be instant, but small achievements can lead to long-term success.

Wear the right shoes

Nike Metcon 4 Training Shoe for men

Nike Metcon 4 Training Shoe for women

Training shoes are designed to be more durable, stable and cushioned to withstand the pressure of intense training sessions. Choose a suitable and well fitting pair to prevent injuries and give you the best possible results. Don’t just wear your regular running shoes when hitting the gym or CrossFit studio, try on the lightweight Nike Metcon 4 Training Shoe. The Metcon 3 was one of the most popular training shoes of 2017 and the new iteration follows in its powerful footsteps. The Nike Metcon 4 is fitted with Flywire cables for a lockdown fit, more eyelets for precise lacing and a flat platform for a stable base. The all-over cushioning and additional multi-directional traction of the Metcon 4 is great for sprints, box jumps and all that heavy lifting.

Posture power

Nike Metcon 4 Abu Dhabi

Proper posture equals optimal exercise. Correctly aligning your body when doing resistance training like kettle ball squats reduce the risk of injury, lessen the strain in your joints and spine, and activate more muscles. This isn’t always easy to do, especially when trying new workouts. You may need a help of a trainer to assess and correct your posture until you get the hang of it. Experts also say regular exercise can improve your overall posture when sitting or standing.

Engage your core

Nike Metcon 4 Sharjah

Trainers often instruct you to “engage your core”, but what does that mean? By definition, the core is the group of muscles found in your midsection – creating a support system for the abdominal, back and sides. Whatever your sport, activity or even everyday chore, the core supports your body. Engaging it doesn’t mean “suck in your tummy”, but contracting your muscles, similar to the feeling when you’re coughing or laughing. Building core strength through weighted crunches, planks, or mountain climbs can help improve balance, stability and give you a solid centre for more power.

Keep hydrated

Nike Metcon 4 UAE

Replace fluids lost in sweat by drinking plenty of water before, during and after exercise. Especially here in the region where the temperatures can get hot really fast. Hydration improves your workout, reduces fatigue and increases recovery as it transports nutrients through the body and regulates your temperature. For the serious athletes, juices, shakes and nutritional supplements can also give you an additional boost.

Ready for your next workout? Remember our top training tips, and grab the latest Nike Metcon 4 Training Shoe to keep you supported where it counts. Shop all your training wear or get your gym buddy some new gear from




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