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5 Easy Workouts For Women

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By keeping fit and active, you are building towards a healthy lifestyle, but it’s not always easy to find the motivation to get to the gym. With the ongoing Dubai Fitness Challenge, the whole city is encouraging everyone to kick-start their personal fitness with 30 minutes of exercise every day for 30 days. Even small bursts of daily exercise can add up, so for the females keeping their fitness game strong, here are five workouts to try.

1. Weighted squats

women training squat dubai

Tone the legs and glutes with squat repetitions. When done properly, they can help build muscle, burn fat, improve blood circulation and increase upper and lower body strength. The feet should be shoulder-width apart, the spine neutral and the knees should not pass your toes. Weighted squats using a kettlebell or dumbbells add more resistance and challenge your workout.

2. Skipping

women training skip dubai

Aside from being fun, skipping burns calories fast. This is a full-body workout that sculpts the arms, legs, thighs and abdominal muscles. Skipping is good for practicing coordination, balance and footwork too. This is why jump rope workouts are a top choice for endurance training and conditioning. Remember to get the right rope length for you, jump on the balls of your feet, and move the wrists in a circular motion and find your rhythm.

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3. Handstand wall push-ups

handstand dubai

If you think hand stands are hard, trying doing push-ups while upside down. But don’t be intimidated because handstands with dips help work on your balance, and build the shoulder and chest muscles too. The hardest part is getting used to being upside down, so practice is definitely needed. With hands flat on the floor and elbows locked, kick up to the wall and hold your position. When you’re comfortable with the handstand, start doing the dips. Then slowly lower yourself from the wall after.

4. Lunges

women lunge dubai

Multi-joint exercises like lunges are great workouts for women. They’re ideal for warm-ups, improve flexibility and strengthen the legs, hips, knees and abdominals. Keep your back straight and head up right. Take a big step forward with one leg, lower your body until the knee is at 90 degrees, and then push upwards to starting position. Now, try reverse (stepping backwards), side lunges and other variations to work even more muscles. Walking forward lunges put your balance to the test, while lunges with dumbbell biceps curls tone the arms.

nike training leggings dubai

nike training tank dubai


5. Biceps and triceps exercises

women training weights dubai

You need some arm-blasting workouts to strengthen those limbs. Hit the weights room and do reps of standing barbell curls (with a barbell) and hammer curls (with dumbbells in each hand) to work the biceps or upper arm muscles. Overhead dumbbell extensions (raising the dumbbell from the back to above the head) and cable lat pull-downs (using the weight machine, you pull the bar down) target the triceps muscles.

Workouts for women are best paired with the right training apparel, shoes and gear. Pick up yours now from Don’t forget to download the Sun & Sand Sports app from the App store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android), and subscribe to our newsletter.




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