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It’s Time for Some Indoor Exercise

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If you’ve lived in the city long enough then you will know that there’s always room for a workout – even at home. Don’t worry, we’re not going to ask you to crunch up against the couch or do push-ups on the floor because we’ve got some great exercise equipment to get you set for your indoor workouts as the weather heats up for summer.

1. TRX with Body Sculpture’s Total Body Suspension Trainer


Total Body Resistance Exercise, also known as TRX training develops flexibility, strength, balance and core stability. Using the Body Sculpture Total Body Suspension Trainer, you can take your workouts indoors or outdoors. From aerobic fitness to squats, the suspension trainer allows you to perform multiple cardiovascular exercises from a simple hook to an overhead structure. You can easily adjust the nylon straps for more depth, variation and extension.

2. Push Ups with Body Sculpture’s Doorway Gym Bars


Who knew that your door frame could help with your toning technique? Body Sculpture’s Doorway Gym Bars are a great piece of workout equipment that can be placed on your door frame to practice your push-ups, chin-ups, crunches and sit-ups. Built with a foam grip, the bar can be placed higher or lower depending on the core exercise in mind.

3. Pump-up with Body Sculpture’s Skipping Rope


We’re always trying to spice up our cardio exercises with hula hoops, cycles, steppers etc. but with a simple skipping exercise at home, you can burn up to 200 calories in 10 minutes. A great way to keep fit at home, this skipping rope from Body Sculpture fits nicely into your indoor training sessions by toning your muscles and enhancing your flexibility. So put on your workout playlist and skip to the beat.

4. Step up your game with Body Sculpture’s Twist Stepper


Body Sculpture’s one-of-a-kind twist stepper with latex cords combines cardio with core. The vertical and lateral stepping action tones the waist, legs, thighs and buttocks while the latex cords allow you to tone your arms and abdomen. Simple exercises like jump squats, twist arm stretches, alternate stepping and side bends are literally just a step away.

Cardio, core and everything in between – your indoor boot camp is just a click away. Browse through our training apparel, footwear, accessories and gear up with Sun & Sand Sports.


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