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Getting Fit With Kettlebell Home Workouts

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Continued social distancing making you feel like you are losing those hard-earned gains? Not to worry, we are here to help.
Over the course of the week, we have been sharing stay-at-home, indoor workouts to keep you fit as a fiddle and maintain your gains without having you risk the outdoors in this COVID-19 fiasco.
We have previously shared workouts for power, Yoga, agility, cardio and strength. Click the links to check them out.

Power and Yoga Workouts

Agility, Cardio and Strength Workouts

To top it all, we bring you a fat-shredding, blood-pumping kettle-bell workout.

The Kettlebell Workout

The kettlebell brings its own unique load to strength and conditioning. With its handle and rounded bottom, the kettle-bell is well-suited for swings and presses. It also allows for unilateral exercises and isolation movements.

What grants the kettlebell an edge is its uneven weight distribution that activates and engages the core, even with regular exercises, which allows you to strengthen the neglected muscles.

Below we have an effective KB workout, demonstrated by Abegail.

Calories Burnt: 400 cal

1. KB swing x 50

2. KB high pull x 30

3. KB Goblet squats x 20

4. Backward lunges with single arm press x 10 each leg

3 sets of the whole circuit should be sufficient for an effective session.
If you’re a beginner or have had an injury, we recommend you to start slow or consult a trained professional before embarking on any training regime.

Try to minimize stress and use your time wisely. Stay home, stay safe and sweat it out. Don’t forget to maintain good hygiene and clean the equipment after your workout. Share your home workout videos and tag us @sunsandsports.

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