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Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Working Mums

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Work, work, work …and then work out. Being a working mother shouldn’t mean that you have to neglect your health and fitness. Like many working mothers, your day probably looks a little like this: beginning with the moment you wake up and start getting the kids ready for school, followed by a busy day in the office, to the minute you finish cooking dinner and kiss them goodnight. You deserve to have some time for yourself, time to both unwind and keep fit by taking care of your body and mind with exercises that make you feel better, and boost your energy to have a relaxed yet vital working day. It’s all about having that healthy balance between work and play.


Here are 6 ways to introduce exercise into any hectic day:

1. Run, for your life

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When it comes to the benefits of running on your body, heart and mind – there are just endless reasons why we should all get our running shoes on. It’s one of the most effective activities that you can do for your body, and an essential part of the healthy lifestyle that many people follow in the UAE today. As a busy working mum, you might think that there isn’t enough time in the day to take off on a run, but there is a solution. Prepare in advance and put a running t-shirt on before leaving the office and have your running shoes in the car. Even 10 to 15 minutes of running before you enter the house will give you the endorphins and natural energy boost that you need when it comes to spending time with your kids. Follow our featured running series on the SSS Become blog for advice about how to choose the right running shoe for you and shop from the running shoes collection at Sun & Sand Sports online.


2. Yoga & Pilates are one click away

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Your laptop is not only for work, you can use the internet to dive into hundreds of healthy lifestyle blogs and websites to follow yoga and Pilates sessions from home. You won’t have to worry about being distracted by meetings and the kids will be sound asleep at 5:00 am, so set your alarm to wake you up nice and early before the family wakes up. Light a candle, lay out your trusty yoga mat and start that exercises video. This is a fantastic way to start the day as you will feel more alert and warmed up for the day ahead. Take a look through our yoga page and indulge yourself in the latest selections of apparel and equipment.


3. No time to go to the gym? Bring it home

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Lacking the time to hit the gym is not really an excuse anymore, not with the full range of home gym equipment that is available to us all. From a quick cardio session to a series of lifting weights, you can easily squeeze in a 15-minute session while the kids are doing their homework, or start your session while watching your favorite programme on TV. You will be incorporating those crunches without even realising!


4. Have some family time

Why not mix up the usual routine when you get back from work and take the kids for a walk. Wrap up some sandwiches, fill the water bottles and head outside for the evening. You can do some running while your kids are out playing on their skateboards or skates, or you can have a family game of football or basketball. The kids will love spending time with you and you’ll get a break from your desk routine – everybody’s happy!


5. If they can do it, you can do it

Your kids are getting their fitness in, so why shouldn’t you? Instead of waiting for them to finish their swimming session, football game or any other sport for that matter, why not have your own session and make the most of the time. Dive into our sports page and get yourself the perfect apparel and accessories for your coming sports sessions.


6. Get some sleep, tomorrow is another day

Getting enough shut-eye is a challenge for every working mother. Falling into a deep sleep is essential for the body to rest and will have many benefits for the body and mind in the same way that sport does. Try to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night and start the next day fully-charged and ready to go.


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