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Gymshark Apparel: Exclusive to SSS Online

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Gymshark apparel is exclusive to Sun & Sand Sports online and we can guarantee that this is a brand that will bring out the athlete in you by giving you high-performance gear for a high-performance workout. Forever seeking to combine athletic performance and ground-breaking design, Gymshark technology is both innovative and cutting-edge. This is a brand that aims to push boundaries in design which will in turn help you to push boundaries in fitness.

The Gymshark ethos is simple: when you feel your best, you perform your best, which is why Gymshark apparel is renowned for its comfortable and unique tailoring, not to mention innovative technologies for enhanced performance.

Gymshark apparel




The second-skin fit provided by the compression finish is what makes Gymshark clothing unique. This fit enhances blood flow stimulation, which has been linked to improved endurance as well as better recovery times – beneficial to both the endurance athletes and power lifters alike.


The unique tubular construction of the Seamless range offers an unbeatable combination of comfort, breathability and durability. The tubular construction is formatted from a single thread design which is what gives it the perfect seamless finish and also provides a close gliding fit for reduced irritation and optimal performance.


The thermal technology combines a series of features that help to maximise heat retention, sheltering you from the cold, so that you don’t have to worry about external conditions and you can reach your fitness goals no matter what the weather is saying.

Gymshark apparel


This technology does exactly what it says: it protects. Waterproofing and advanced insulation are key features of the Gymshark Protect technology, which allows the wearer to workout at all hours, through all seasons without any distractions.


Keeping you cool through accelerated evaporation, the Quick Dry technology speeds up moisture-wicking from the body to keep you cool, dry and focused through your workout sessions.


Gymshark apparel’s Breathable tech innovations give you a lightweight feel and the freedom of movement essential for your workouts. This innovation is perfect for endurance exercises and warmer conditions so that you never feel constricted or weighed down.



Gymshark Seamless Avant Tank Top

Gymshark apparel

Gymshark Imprint Bottoms

Gymshark apparel

Gymshark Infinity Sports Bra

Gymshark apparel

Gymshark Sprint Shorts

Gymshark apparel

To see the whole range from Gymshark, head to the Sun & Sand Sports online store and pick out your personal favourites today.




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