Get Involved | 12/08/2022

Back To School! Make Sports Fun Again

By Bhoomi Lengde
Copywriter, SSSPORTS.COM

The holidays are over and it’s that time of the year for kids to be back in school. In continuation with Sun & Sand Sports’ Back to School campaign from last year, this year we expand on the spirit of making sports fun again by also addressing what validation means in sports, and encouraging kids to enjoy sports as much as they enjoy video games.

Kids should be able to enjoy sports without the fear of judgement. One of the best parts of kids going back to school apart from hanging out with friends is them getting back into the routine of playing sports. Participating in sports has been known to improve cognitive and memory functions among kids. Moreover, it also teaches kids the importance of healthy habits like proper diet, regular movement, communication, discipline and a sportive spirit. But if you notice, in recent times, kids have started to feel some pressure to excel when playing sports. So how can we make sports fun for the little ones where they are allowed to make mistakes and enjoy some light-hearted fun?

Back To School

Here are some tips to help your kids get ready to be back in the game.

  • Get them involved in team sports!
    • Sports like Basketball and Football relieve the pressure to perform individually because when playing team sports, everyone is responsible if the team does not perform well. Kids also make new friends, build their self-esteem, and learn to be reliable while having fun when playing sports with friends. When the team loses, embrace their failures. Inform them that it’s okay and it’s a necessary part of learning.
  • Make it fun.
    • If your little one is the one who chases endorphins, then Running and Swimming are great options to give them that boost. Swimming is a great option for water lovers and it’s a great place for them to have fun, particularly in splish-splashing water. Running on the other hand gives you options to play many games like Tag, Red Light and Green Light, Hide and Seek etc. It also gives them a choice to play not just with friends but with adults too.
  • Get involved with them.
    • More often than not, your kid wants to spend time with you, so get involved in activities with them. Dancing is a great, playful way to get them moving. It gives them the space to express themselves without using their words and the opportunity to see you have fun, allowing them to have fun in the process. The same applies when you get involved in Swimming and Running.
Back To School
  • Be an example.
    • Children learn their behaviour by copying what they see happening around them. When they see you play a sport, having fun, falling and getting up, not making a big deal about losing, and not stressing when under pressure, they will start to mimic these behaviours in their own life. As you participate in sports and enjoy every game you play, they will want to get involved, and you can play the sport together. You can also get kids involved in home workouts. Check out these home workouts to do with your kids.
  • Introduce variety.
    • Kids are like tiny adults. Even in your adulthood, you can get bored doing the same thing over and over again, which can lead to stress. Kids are more sensitive in this area because they start to feel the pressure of performing well. So, introduce different sports like Basketball, Football, Dance, Swimming, Running, Volleyball, Cricket etc. so they have options and don’t feel overwhelmed to perform well in all sports and also makes it fun for them to enjoy every game they are involved in. 

In a nutshell, encourage your kids to play sports without being too pushy. Validate them having fun whether they win or lose. Have fun with them, get involved, and work alongside them so they have the best experience without the pressure of constantly performing well.

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