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By Sid Mohiuddin
Copywriter, SSSPORTS.COM

It’s that time of the year again! The one which kids have been eagerly waiting for. The one the parents have been eagerly waiting for, a little more than the kids. After figuratively endless months of quarantine, we have arrived in the ‘Back To School’ season.

Over the years, Back To School has always received a great deal of excitement. This year the excitement is set to hit a new peak. 2020 has been particularly taxing for everybody; children and parents included. The pandemic-enforced lockdown had children holed up at home, as was necessary. Despite the difficulties and setbacks, there were few plus points to consider too.

Looking At The Bright Side

Education took a major digital leap forward. Classes, courses and tests were being held completely online. Students had to develop self-discipline to draw the most benefit from teachers since they weren’t under complete supervision as in the classrooms.

Almost all social interactions were purely digital, from classmates to friends. Although seemingly difficult, it instilled in the children the virtues of patience and delayed gratification; values rare in today’s modern, fact-paced, inter-connected world where almost every demand, action and result is at a tap or push of a button away. 

But all the precautionary measures have paid off. Now, we can finally resume our way of life.

Back To School & The New Normal

That said, resuming our daily activities post-lockdown doesn’t mean we go back to the ‘old’ ways. Changes have to be made, as mandated. This situation requires us to make new choices and take different decisions from before, so we as a society progress forward.

In light of the same, we present the new line-up of Back To School 2020 apparel and footwear, meant to signify us overcoming this difficult phase and taking that all-important step forward.

Back To School 2020 - Schools Got Talent

Bold, athletic, performance-focused sportswear. Be it Running, Football, Basketball or Swimming. For the children of today that embody the spirit of perseverance to rise to the occasion and face the challenges of the future. It’s a brave new world and we are…

Back In The Game – Schools Have Talent

Tensions runs high. The excitement hits new peaks. And it’s all fair because it is winner takes all! Back To School marks the return of the highly-anticipated – Schools Have Talent.

True to our word, this year’s competition will feature some changes to the format. We will be sharing more exciting details about the competition and grand prize money in the coming days so do watch this space. The excitement and stakes will be as high as ever, if not higher, so be sure to bring you’re A-Game. Fighting spirit? Check. Let’s #showthemyou

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Show Them You With A Bold New Back To School Look


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