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5 Ways to Exercise for Kids

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From smartphones to computer games and the latest Candy Crush Saga – technology can be too much of a distraction from other forms of play, so we’re here to promote a more active lifestyle for the kids. Here’s a list of our top 5 workouts for the kids, to get them outdoors and active.


1. Trampolining


Trampolining provides so many different health benefits because it works as both a physical form of exercise and a fantastic method of stress relief. A low-impact exercise that gives the body an all-round workout, trampolining on a regular basis can lead to improved health in the long run as it helps to increase the body’s metabolic rate and ability to burn calories more effectively. The great thing about trampolining is that it’s a lot of fun; incorporate this into your child’s routine and it won’t feel like exercise at all. Head to Bounce Dubai and check out the wall-to-wall trampolines for an active family experience.


2. Rollerblading


We all loved skating when we were kids, so it’s a great idea to carry on the tradition with the next generation. Kit the children out in all the necessary safety gear: helmet, knee pads, shin pads, and send them on their way (under supervision that is). Roller skating, or rollerblading provides a great cardio workout and will burn nearly as many calories as running. It’s also great for practicing coordination and alignment – not to mention balance. Skating puts much less emphasis on the joints than running, and is more varied in practice, which is important for kids as they need something that holds their attention and keeps them motivated. Head to one of the local parks in Dubai, or try the Dubai Marina for a nice smooth surface to skate around on.


3. Swimming


Swimming is an all-rounder and a total-body workout that provides so many great health benefits for the body. What makes this a great exercise for kids is that it is both challenging and fun, and you can incorporate a competitive element and many different variations of strokes to sustain motivation. The last thing children need is a monotonous series of laps and they will benefit from a more interval-training approach that shifts the focus of exercise to different muscle groups and mixes up the routine. There are numerous gyms and fitness centres located around Dubai that have Olympic-sized swimming pools, and many residential areas also have shared pool access.


4. Hula Hooping

Hula Hooping

It’s a craze that has actually caught on in the adult fitness market and like a lot of fun workouts, it takes us back to our childhoods. Do not be deceived, the humble hula hoop is very much a piece of fitness equipment and it’s great at toning muscle groups as the body moves to provide the momentum that holds the hoop in place. Hula hooping works the abs, the glutes, the thighs and arms – which is what makes it such a great full-body workout. What makes it so good for children is that it doesn’t feel like exercise; play their favourite music in the background, invite their friends round and create a mini hula hopping workshop in your living room! Alternatively, head to The Fridge at Al Serkal Avenue and join one of the weekly classes.


5. Skateboarding


Not only is it good exercise, skateboarding is a pretty cool sport too. Although it’s associated with a fairly relaxed urban scene, skateboarding actually provides quite a rigorous workout and targets key muscle groups – including the hamstrings, glutes, quads and lower back. It is also a good core-building exercise because the abdominal muscles have to be engaged in order to support the spine and maintain the body’s natural alignment – which aids balance and stability on the board. Kit your kid out in a helmet and all the safety gear required, and give them an outdoor sport to try out while the cooler months are here, or head to one of the indoor skate parks – the choice is yours!

Check back to the blog for regular inspiration and fitness ideas for the kids to keep them fit, healthy and happy by getting them involved in a range of fun activities. Head to the Sun & Sand Sports Kids page to kit them out in all the latest sports gear.


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