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5 Reasons to Take up Swimming

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Whether you jump into the pool after work, or take a dip at the weekend, swimming is a fantastic all-body workout and should be adopted for every season, not simply the summer months. These are 5 reasons why swimming is such a great exercise to incorporate into your fitness routine:


1. It works the whole body

Swimming is an all-rounder when it comes to exercise — it works muscle groups that you didn’t even realise you had, and you will feel the burn once you get them working. Swimming is also great for varying levels of fitness, ranging from a competitive sport to rehabilitation practices, particularly for those recovering from injury. This is because it is low-impact and is a good in-between-workouts exercise to keep you moving while your muscles relax and repair.


2. It helps you tone up

Swimming provides a good dose of cardio while also working on an even body tone. This is due to the natural density of the water which provides resistance to the movement of your body up and down the pool. The effect is similar to using light weights at the gym, but this weight is created in a more natural way as you leverage the weight of your own body against the water.


3. It improves breathing techniques

A regular swimming routine will have an impact on your breathing techniques as your body becomes accustomed to exercising in the water, as you maximise the efficiency of your breathing while you swim. Mastering this technique in the water will have a beneficial impact on your out-of-water fitness as you work with your natural breaths. This is something practiced in Pilates as it syncs your mind and body for a more intelligent method of exercise.


4. It increases stamina

Swimming can be as gentle or as intense as you make it because your workout will depend entirely on the force that you give it, as you work against the resistance of the water. This control allows you to test your strength and build your stamina each time that you train, whether you choose a more difficult stroke, a faster pace, or a greater number of lengths.


5. It relaxes the mind

Although you are submerged in water and concentrating on keeping your body afloat, swimming is also highly relaxing as your attention is focused on your motion through the water. The benefits of swimming have often been compared to the meditation and relaxation methods in yoga, as your mind and body work together to perform the exercise, adopting a higher level of mindfulness.

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