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5 Great Outdoor Spots to Celebrate 2021

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What a year 2020 has been. Quite easily the most memorable ones in recent years when the world had come to an almost stand-still. Given that, 2021 has us all excited as to what the new year might bring. And we pray for all the good things of course.

Since 2020 has been off-beat, why not celebrate it different too? After months of restrictions, lockdowns and self-quarantines, it would be a breath of fresh air to embrace the outdoors as we celebrate the arrival of 2021. In light of that, we have curated some locations in the UAE that would be a fantastic experience and an enjoyable start to the New Year.

Big Red desert (Shj)
Best Spots in UAE to celebrate 2021

Swathes of a pristine desert dunes make for quite the spectacle. Al Badayer (Big Red desert), located off the E44 Dubai-Hatta Road, is a popular spot for those that like the open lands or a sea of sand. Ring in 2021 under the stars or have an action-packed day 1, this place has both. Also, adventurers needn’t bring motorized equipment since there are quad bike, dirt bike and buggy rentals in the vicinity.

Al Qudra Lake (Dxb)
Best Spots in UAE to celebrate 2021

A desert oasis away from the hustle-bustle of city. Al Qudra is another popular spot to spend some quality time with friends and family. Soak in the marvelous sunset or sunrise. People can also utilize the cycling tracks for an adventurous ride around the venue. If you love animals and birds, this place hosts graceful flamingos, ducks, and swans. If you are extra lucky, you might spot a gazelle or a fox too.

Jebal Jais (RAK)
Best Spots in UAE to celebrate 2021

A regular for nature enthusiasts and mountaineering fans, Jebel Jais is home to the highest public point in the UAE – The South summit. It is a whopping 1640m above sea level, almost double than the Burj Khalifa, making hiking to the point is an achievement to be reckoned. Make sure to register yourself at the booth before starting and bring along some cash for the car park. A fun alternative to staying indoors and a challenging way to start 2021 on a high note.

Umm Al Quwain Wetlands (UAQ)
Best Spots in UAE to celebrate 2021

This spot is a treat for the eyes and the soul. A bright blue lagoon and small islands, the wetlands are a habitat for avian creatures in the UAE, particularly the Khor Al Beidah. Discover this escapade in a boat or a kayak, especially in the mangroves and water channels between the islands. Kicking back and unwinding at this serene landscape surely sounds like a special way to welcome 2021.

Wadi Showka (RAK)
Best Spots in UAE to celebrate 2021

If you want to avoid the crowd at the ever-popular Hatta dam, Wadi Showka is a decent alternative. A cosy spot full of positive energy, this a nice way to go off-grid for little while. Goes without saying, Wadi Showka is at its best during the rains when the wadis are gushing torrents. Hikers are drawn to this secluded spot for their love of trekking into the unknown. If a quiet time with close friends close to nature is your liking, this is a spot to look into.

So pack your picnics baskets, some warm clothes and/or your gear. Let’s ride into the wild side of town!

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