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5 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About FitBit Trackers

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FitBit has been taking its trackers to the next level ever since it entered the scene back in 2007 and is continuing to do so with their latest FitBit Charge 2. Providing products that encompass activity trackers and wireless-enabled wearable technology devices, the FitBit Charge 2 generates data about the number of steps walked, your heart rate, quality of sleep and other personal metrics. And while the world is slowly starting to understand and appreciate the benefits of these fitness trackers, there are still many things that a lot of people don’t know… yet. So to make your life easy, we’ve compiled a list of 5 awesome things that you need to know about FitBit trackers.

FitBit Charge 2

Multi-Sport Tracking

With this feature, you can track not only your running but also multiple sports and exercises including weights, basketball, and yoga even, by measuring your heart rate – showing you all your workout stats on the screen display of the tracker.

FitBit Charge 2

Auto Sleep Tracking

With this feature, you can automatically track how long and how well you sleep. By monitoring your sleeping patterns, the tracker understands what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong and with it you can work towards a better sleeping routine.


Guided Breathing Sessions

With this feature, you can find moments of calm throughout your day with personalised breathing sessions based on your real time heart rate. So if you’re gearing up for a job interview, an epic pitch at work, or something else that makes your heart race, then you can take a breather, quite literally, with the personalised guided breathing sessions on your FitBit tracker.

FitBit Charge 2

Reminders to Move

To help you stay active throughout the day, the tracker sends reminders to you encouraging you to take a minimum of 250 steps every hour in order to meet your fitness goals for the day. So if you’ve been stuck in the boardroom in back to back meetings, or you feel the laziness kicking in at home, well, your tracker will get you up and going every hour.


Call, Text and Calendar Alerts

Your FitBit Charge 2 tracker will alert you to calls, texts and calendar alerts on your wrist – sort of like a smart watch. You can alter the settings on these of course, so you don’t feel too bombarded, but the alerts can be helpful if you’re out on a run or at the gym and don’t have your phone within easy reach and want to stay updated as you train.

FitBit Charge 2 has revolutionised fitness tracking once again and with features like these, there’s no wonder. Get yourself a FitBit Fitness tracker and stay ahead of the curve. Subscribe to our newsletter and get updates on fitness and other sports-related features.





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