THE PLUG by SSS | 25/03/2021

The Plug By SSS Ep. 3: Running, Training, Yoga, Kickboxing

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By SSS Team
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2020 was a real show-stopper. And not in a nice way obviously.  
But the good news is that things are finally starting to look up.

After months of waiting, we are extremely delighted to announce the return of THE PLUG series!
We are back and bigger than before. Technically longer, which only means more value-add for you.

On this episode we feature 4 sports influencers to provide actionable tips for you on the following – Running, Training, Yoga and Kickboxing. If these are one of your sports, you’d want to watch this.

Feel the need for speed? Ahmed Hajjo, the Head Coach at Elites Hour academy and Pro Obstacles Runner, is a competent, competitive runner. He drops some of his personal workout tips so you can get faster on the track.

Nike Ambassador Salma Ismail has been into fitness since 2010. Her company Ossalma takes a 360 approach to training to help reach your fitness goals. She shares her story and little workout to get you started on your fitness journey.

For the yoga fans, we have Karen Mattar to help you stretch further. Starting with yoga in 2015, Karen is a certified fitness influencer and Health-Nutrition coach. She shows us a few stretches that help beat fatigue and maintain fitness for those stuck at the desk for long hours.

To top it all off, we got Seena Akbary to show us some fighting techniques. Seena is the Co-owner of Energy Camp Dubai, an Under Armour athlete and a Sports Psychologist. As a practitioner of wrestling and MMA for many years and with a 102K following, you can rest assured his credibility is certified.

You can even watch the episode on IGTV. Let us know your favourite moments or suggestions on who you’d like to see next. We have more episodes, with more content and amazing people coming up with absolute value-add for you. Make sure to follow us @sunsandsports (IG), Sun & Sand Sports (YouTube).

What Is The PLUG?

The PLUG is a series by Sun & Sand Sports that provides you with quality info on the best sports brands, fitness events around town, fitness tips and more. All this directly from leading fitness influencers from the region with the ever-jubilant Mohamad Akkaoui as the host.



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