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SSS Product Review: Under Armour Record

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The key to effective training is not just consistency but also being able to push yourself that bit further. To know how to move forwards you need to know where you are, and setting a baseline for every workout is important. In an ocean of fitness trackers that measure all sorts of fitness metrics, finding a baseline to start from can seem like a daunting task. With Under Armour’s revolutionary Record technology, it’s simplified by measuring a simple, common metric: your energy levels. Check out the SSS Product Review video below:

Under Armour’s proprietary Record technology takes cutting edge knowhow and democratises it by embedding it in a chip that’s inserted within the shoe design. This chip measures your power output for each day to assess whether you’re good for a solid workout, if you’re doing just okay or if you’re fatigued from the previous workout. This is done through a standardised set of jumps, where you jump up 6 times from a standing still position, with your hands on your hips while wearing a pair of Under Armour’s Record-equipped shoes. The Record chip embedded in the shoe measures your flight time, and translates that into the amount of power that your body can output that day as a sign of readiness. Over time, this data is used to set a baseline, and when synced with the UA MapMyRun app on your phone, will start suggesting training plans that match your output. In doing so, your energy levels are used to optimum levels while giving you enough time to recover. Instead of mindless, brutal workouts that could cause serious injury, your training is made smarter, more effective and engineered to help you hit your goals.

Under Armour Record

Besides measuring air time on your jumps, the Record chip has a host of other neat tricks up its sleeve. It tracks, analyses and stores workout data by measuring training time, cadence, duration, distance and splits. By syncing it with the UA MapMyRun app, it also captures GPS information and real-time stats to deliver accurate data. Its optimised battery power lets it last way beyond your shoe’s lifespan, while letting it capture and store data on a maximum of five workouts between syncing. And when you hit that sweet 400 mile mark, it will notify you that it’s time to consider replacing your shoes.


Under Armour Speedform Velociti Record-Equipped Running Shoe

Under Armour

Surge into your next run with the Under Armour® SpeedForm Velociti Record-equipped Running Shoe for women. Built for speed, its Record-equipped technology measures how ready your body is to run with the simple Jump Around test. Its embedded chip tracks, analyses and stores multiple running metrics, letting you make the most of every run. The shoe’s UA SpeedForm® construction moulds to the foot for a precision fit, as an engineered breathable mesh delivers lightweight comfort. An internal heel counter provides seamless, lightweight support and structure, while an embedded sockliner enhances cushioning and comfort. The Under Armour Charged Cushioning® midsole enables optimal cushioning and energy return, as a high abrasion rubber in the outsole creates a lightweight, responsive ride that absorbs ground impact.

Data is only good if it’s actionable, and with Under Armour’s Record-equipped shoe, it is easily gathered, simplified and translated into workout routines that optimise your energy levels and help you push your training forward, while also taking recovery time into account. Make your training smarter by lacing up a pair of the Record-equipped shoes, and fire up your training by checking out all the latest Under Armour gear online at Sun & Sand Sports.






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