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SSS Interviews HPE Founder: Nicholas Harris

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Human Performance Engineering, or more commonly known as ‘HPE’ is a brand that really does focus on the performance aspect of fitness apparel. Sun & Sand Sports caught up with Human Performance Founder, Nicholas Harris to get some insights about the brand – what it’s all about and where it’s going. Sold exclusively online at Sun & Sand Sports, this is a brand that you should add to your workout wardrobe this season.


Human Performance Engineering clothing focuses on the fabrication first and foremost, and the technology aspect of the clothing to produce a range that is fresh and healthy for the body. Its moisture-management memory and climate control technology makes HPE clothing well suited to the hot climate of the GCC region, not forgetting the anti-bacterial functionality and cooling technology that makes this the perfect range for all our fitness needs.


We spoke to Nicholas about the origin of the brand’s name – why ‘Human Performance Engineering’? From his own personal background of over 15 years in human science and working with multiple world champions from Formula One Olympians to Grand Slam winning tennis players – Nicholas was inspired to build the HPE clothing range.

“The body is the greatest thing we will ever own. We are the greatest invention on the planet, and it’s about appreciating who we are and what we want to achieve,” says Nick. The Human Performance Engineering ethos is about having the right conditions to evolve and to grow.


Human Performance Specialist, Nicholas Harries is the prime example of the HPE customer – living a busy and active lifestyle that spans many different countries and climates due to the nature of his work and the constant travel that this involves.

Flitting between Asia, New York, LA and London, Nicholas finds it tricky to maintain a consistent exercise routine, which is why he makes the most of what every country has to offer. Nicholas describes his fitness schedule as “anything but routine,” suggesting that people with a similar lifestyle take on a more “blended approach of the ingredients of the things that they enjoy doing.”

This could be a mix of indoor studio training and outdoor living – depending on the climate of that particular country, or what turn the day takes – from high intensity cardio classes to interval training and yoga. “It’s all about having a menu of many different ingredients to get the job done.”

human performance engineering


In a society obsessed with data consumption and innovative technology, Human Performance Engineering is making that technology more accessible. Nicholas talks about the evolution of the female community more specifically – how in the past five years or so, the female fitness community has taken a much more prominent role in fitness – particularly when it comes to high-intensity workouts. This of course creates a need for more specialised workout apparel to keep the body cool and hydrated for optimal performance.

“The aim of HPE is to work with you, not against you in the range of activities that you do,” Nicholas says. The fabrication must work in favour of the workout; “it’s not solely about colour and design – the apparel has to perform in high-intensity conditions.”


HPE clothing provides “a very sophisticated look,” says Nicholas. It’s a range that allows the wearer to look great without looking like they have tried too hard – it’s effortlessly stylish.

Many a celebrity has been spotted out and about in the latest HPE collections – and the demographic is extremely wide-ranging, from Michelle Obama to Alessandra Ambrosio and Khloe Kardashian. They may all have different interests and lead very different lifestyles, but they all have a common goal: to get fit and be the best that they can be in activewear that works for them.


 Nicholas gives us his top picks for the current collections at HPE.



human performance engineering


human performance engineering

Both functional and fashionable, these picks have been chosen for their excellent durability and stylish finish. Designed with FRESHFIT fabric, the leggings are guaranteed to keep bacteria, odour and moisture at bay, for a fresh finish whatever the sport you do.



human performance engineering


human performance engineering

Also designed with FRESHFIT technology, the Elite style of short will keep you fresh both on and off the court which makes them perfect for regular workouts – whether you’re running, playing tennis, or even swimming! They’re extremely versatile and can be mixed and matched with any workout gear you choose.

To see the whole collection of activewear apparel from HPE, head to the Sun & Sand Sports website and start your online shopping journey with us today! For all the latest fitness tips and sports-related news, sign up to the SSS Newsletter in the box below.



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