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Need For Speedo: Top 5 Summer Swimwear Picks

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By SSS Team
Copywriter, SSSPORTS.COM

Speedo brings a range of pool, professional and beach wear products for kids, women and men. This summer, we’ve got our top 5 Speedo swimwear pieces that will enhance your swimming technique and style so that you can swim, dive and make waves like an Olympian.

1.Speedo Fit Pinnacle XBack Swimsuit


Our very first pick is the Speedo Fit Pinnacle XBack Swimsuit for women. Perfect for professional swimmers, this swimsuit is bound to redefine your posture and brings you power mesh panels to support your core. Featuring a 360 degree bust support, the super durable fabric comes with Endurance® fabric to resist fade, chlorine protection and a 4-way stretch technology for added comfort. If you’re a Katie Ladecky fan, you’ll love this one piece.

2.Speedo Turbomotion Jammers


Coming in second position are the Speedo Turbomotion Jammers for men. Chlorine resistant and designed for your inner Phelps, this jammer features a 4-way stretch so that you can perform all your strokes and techniques with ease. The fabric reduces chafing and retains shape. If you prefer the back or the butterfly stroke then this jammer will help you glide through every lap.

3.Speedo Endurance® Medalist Swimsuit


One does not simply wear the Speedo Endurance® Medalist Swimsuit for fun. This swimsuit means business. Built for enhanced durability, the fabric of the swimsuit is designed with quick-drying fabric and an open back to enable enhanced movement especially for back and breast stroke. A 4-way stretch technology provides softness and comfort while chlorine resistant properties prevent chafing.

4.Speedo X V Aquashorts


Feel the performance, lap after lap in the Speedo X V Aquashorts for men. Whether you’re trying to break a record or set a new one altogether, the Speedo X V Aquashorts won’t keep your spirits down. Made with chlorine resistant fabric, the shorts come with UV protection, drawstring waist, and Endurance® fabric to retain your shape and leave you feeling comfortable with a second-skin fit.

5.Speedo Citrusburst Placement Powerback Swimsuit


Our last pick is for women who want a bit of oomph. The Speedo Citrusburst Placement Powerback Swimsuit combines style and performance and brings you a striking digital print all over the fabric with a powerback style for rapid shoulder and back movement. Ideal for training and racing, this one piece can also be worn to the pool or the beach.

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