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Socially active with the Nike+ Training Club App

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We’re all familiar with our ever-expanding social media surroundings: Likes, shares, friend requests — from Facebook to Twitter, and our image-sharing favourite, Instagram. Social media can often be equated with a lazy lifestyle of cyber friendships and instant messaging, but there’s a lot more to it. Nike+ has become its own fitness community, evolving into a wide range of digital offerings, including Nike+ FuelBand, Nike+ Move, Nike+ Running, Nike+ Training Club, and more. These Apps are making it easier to connect with sports enthusiasts and athletes on a global scale, all at the click of a button.

Nike+ Training Club App



Dedicated to the female market, the App is motivational, inspiring and jam-packed with full-body workout routines that cater to every level of fitness, designed to focus on different goals — getting leaner, stronger, fitter, or generally more toned. Users can share updates, congratulate one another on their achievements and also try out each other’s workouts, communicating through the Nike Sports Feed.

The Nike+ Training Club App is available on both Android and iOS, so everybody is welcome to the community of over 100 workouts, in over 15 different languages; it’s accessible, engaging, and super easy to use.



The new 2015 version is all about the user experience, with improved navigation and a fun profile feature. This profile will provide regular updates on the user’s friends and workout minutes, as well as her NikeFuel tally to keep track of her overall fitness progress.

Nike+ Training Club App



Encouraging motivation in every way, the updated version of the App design has introduced photo sharing on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, so you can choose to snap a photo mid-workout, or perhaps take a little teaser picture before the session begins. You can then personalise the image by choosing from a range of overlays and creative stamps to add that finishing touch. Then simply share with everyone on the Nike Sports Feed.

If you want to bring your App experience to a real life setting, you can take your Nike+ training in-house at Dubai’s Engine Gym. With its own dedicated Nike+ Training Club you can take part in classes with fellow Nike+ fans and get fit together. Check out Engine Gym’s range of classes here.

Head to your nearest Sun & Sand Sports outlet for all the latest Nike products, and check out The Dubai Mall store for a more interactive digital shopping experience.




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