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Running Season: From Start To Finish In Style

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By SSS Team
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It’s that time of year again – half marathon, marathon and triathlon season and the UAE is the place to be if you want to try any of these, from racing as a beginner, to the downright tough and seasoned athlete.

Making the decision to do the events is not only difficult, and the training even harder, but wearing the most comfortable and suitable clothing for you is also a mindboggling task – and everyone likes something different. What works for one, may not for another – and that’s perfectly fine. Sun & Sand Sports is here to give you a simple rundown of what these events are and what latest technical, stylish clothing you could be wearing when it’s time to put that foot onto the start line.


The facts: A race involving swimming, cycling and running (usually in that order), one after another. The terrain can also vary, for example, road or trail.

Distance and time: The shortest is a “super sprint” at around 400m swim/10km cycle/2.5km run which can take around one hour and 50 minutes, or it can be 1.5km swim/80km cycle/10km run, considered a standard, triathlon distance, lasting just over three hours.

Apparel: Try the Sundried Performance Tri Suit with a streamlined fit to enhance speed in the water and air. A supportive suit for your muscles with a hydrophobic coating to repel liquid, taking you effortlessly from one event to the next.

Half Marathon

The facts: A 21km running race which can take place on road, trail, cross-country and fell (off-road, hilly running).

Time: Around two hours if this is your first one and is a good time to aim for. Fit people can walk the 21km in four hours if it gets too tough.

Apparel: Nike has a great range of lightweight, Dri-FIT clothing for men and women that keeps you dry and comfortable as you break a sweat on your run as well as allowing for a great range of motion.

running men dubai

running shorts men dubai


running women dubai

running women dubai 2


The facts: A 42.1km running race either on road, trail, cross-country or fell.

Time: Takes around four and a half hours to just under five hours if this is your first one, and is a great time to aim for, as this is a long distance to conquer. With a combination of run-walk, it could take about six hours and walking will take around eight hours.

Apparel: The ASICS Gel-Kayano 24 Shoe is perfect for heavy duty performance such as long distance running. With firm support in the heel with MetaClutch technology, rearfoot and forefoot GEL Cushioning system, it also uses Dynamic DUOMAX™ support for the extra stability, while maintaining a lightweight feel overall for a shoe that packs in so many features.

asics kayano uae

asics kayano dubai

Take away tips

1. Don’t leave your kit until race day; buy the kit you want to wear for race day way in advance, so that you get used to it, and, if it’s not for you, you can try something else. Browse our full training collection now at Sun & Sand Sports online.

2. On race day itself, you will get pre-race jitters. So, prepare the night before, putting all your essential tops, shorts, shoes, nutrition and any accessories into a pile next to your bed, to make sure you’re ready to go. Looking for additional accessories to add to that pile? Get them here.

3. Remember, you can get your last-minute kit by downloading the Sun & Sand Sports app for a faster shopping experience.

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