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Top 5 Reasons to Wear Timberland SensorFlex

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By SSS Team
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An adventurer likes to constantly keep moving, no matter the conditions. From seeing a beautiful sunrise through the woods or hiking down to a river for an overnight camp, adventurers need to be in motion. Timberland shoes have always embodied the outdoors and with their latest SensorFlex Comfort System, they’ve gone a step further. This system supports, cushions and flexes with every move you make as it lets you do it all and sacrifice nothing.

Now if you’re wondering if you really should pick up a pair of these SensorFlex Timberland shoes, well, wonder no more. We’ve compiled a Top 5 list of reasons why we think you should get your hands on them, or feet even.


Timberland Shoes

These Timberland shoes come with a firm upper layer that offers serious support and stability. Why is that important you may wonder. Well, because with an upper layer that offers such support, you can easily run around town, up and down a hill or even a mountain and you won’t have to worry about any awkward twists and turns. When Timberland says they’ll support you, they mean it.


The SensorFlex Timberland shoes come with a specially designed suspension system that gives you the ability to move with total ease, through ultimate cushioning on your feet that moves with you as you tread. The second layer is made for shock absorption and suspension for any heavy-duty needs, or more adventurous walks.

Timberland Shoes


The bottom outsole is supremely flexible for responsiveness on any surface as the flex grooves are designed for extreme traction. So if it’s raining or if you’re crossing a stream or even if the terrain is uneven, you can walk on without having to check your steps. Such comfort. Thank you Timberland.

Timberland Shoes


These Timberland shoes might be boasting a lot of technical features, but the designers behind the classic outdoor shoes haven’t forgotten their roots. Be it their suave yet agile suede look or the classic blending with the modern aesthetic, these boots ooze some serious style.

Timberland Shoes


Timberland shoes are built for the outdoors and if you love the outdoors, then there is no better companion than a pair of Timberlands. Classic style with unbeatable comfort is what they strive for with every shoe and boot they make. With shoes like the Westmore Boot, the Kenniston Lace-Up Boot and the Westmore Chukka Boot, you not only get classic Timberlands to boast, but also a license to explore the wild.

After decades of perfection, they’ve now brought us an exclusively developed technology in the form of SensorFlex that is incredibly comfortable, lets you wear your favourite looks and helps you move about the wilderness with ease. Get yourself a pair of Timberland shoes with Sun & Sand Sports and subscribe to our newsletter to be up to date with all the latest in the sports world.



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