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Nike’s top 4 running shoes for women

By SSS Editorial

Running is a mix of agility, fitness and stamina. Getting the right technique is paramount to your running success, but just as important is your choice of shoe. If your feet aren’t equipped with the right gear, you’ll be losing momentum as you try to run the distance. There’s also the risk of straining your ‘Q angle’ – the stance the upper half of your leg takes when standing. With the wrong pair of shoes and a lack of protection you could face knee injuries, back pains and so on.

So to stay stronger and longer on your run, here are four of the best Nike running shoes for women released this summer:


1. For lovers of barefoot running: Nike Free 5.0

Nike Women's Running Shoes

Perfect for runners looking for a shoe that has a ‘barely-there’ feel, the Nike Free 5.0 is lightweight and minimalist – providing plenty of spring with each step. The pair offers the closest feel to barefoot running, while incorporating a sole that twists and moves according to your running style so as to protect your feet when running on hard surfaces, such as roads or tracks.

Fun Fact: You can choose to put on a thin pair of socks or go barefoot with the Nike Free 5.0.


2. For those looking for plenty of cushioning: Nike Vomero 10

Nike Women's Running Shoes

The Nike Vomero 10 may be firm but it’s extremely comfortable to run in; the same goes for its deceivingly muscular appearance that is actually surprisingly light on the feet. A pair more suited to those looking for that ‘run-on-a-cloud’ sort of feeling, this cushioned shoe ensures that your feet are locked in place as you go the distance.

Fun Fact: This pair is a hit with many CrossFit advocates for its lightness and sturdy design.


3. For those looking for support, stability and constancy: Flyknit Lunar 3

Nike Women's Running Shoes

The shoe that you can count on, the Flyknit Lunar 3 secures and stabilises your feet with ample support. The style is equally lightweight and the shoe fits like a glove. The running pair is suited for training sessions, long distances or sprints, and stays reliable throughout any pace or foot strike – hard or soft.

Fun Fact: The Flyknit Lunar 5 comes with 360 degrees of comfort.


4. For those looking for style and comfort: Air Max 2015

Nike Women's Running Shoes

The pair that has its own day to celebrate its many styles, the Air Max is renowned for its soft, flexible and stellar aesthetic. Perfect for a run in the evening, with safety reflective features, this shoe provides all-round comfort in the gym or outdoors while remaining both lightweight and sturdy. With a sock-like bootie in the shoe, your feet stay snug inside, even on the rockiest of terrains.

Fun fact: The technology in this shoe was created by a former NASA engineer

To run better, equip yourself with the right apparel too. Here’s how you can find the right sports bra for you.

Decide on your running style and find the right pair at your nearest Sun & Sand Sports store, or view a selection of the collection on the SSS website.


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