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Nike Hypercool: Technology Focus

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Nike Hypercool is a technology to talk about because this is all about performance. When it comes to legendary performance, this involves a mixture of working hard, having the will to excel, and the technology-packed training gear to go along with it. This technology will provide support, protection and a seamless sense of movement in every workout no matter the sport. Nike has produced this super hyper-cooling technology with its futuristic design that makes you feel really cool inside out: introducing Nike Hypercool.


What is Nike Hypercool?

Nike Hypercool is one of the most innovative cooling technologies on the market and actually took inspiration from the reflective windshield sunshades that help to cool car interiors. Nike replicated this mechanism to create a thin metalised film which works to block UV light and infrared heat, creating a clever cooling effect from the body’s surface.

How does it work?

With this integrated metallic thin polymer film and its break-through combination of zoned venting and reflective material, this fabric aims to combat the heat at the most intense areas, namely the sun’s warming rays, working to increase airflow in key sweat zones on the body.



Nike Hypercool

Be it for biking, weightlifting or any other daily training, this range of activities is best performed in a pair of Nike Hypercool Max Tights for men. The fabric features a second skin-like fit that minimises external conditions to help improve focus, with sweat-wicking Dri-Fit technology fabric that leaves the body comfortably dry and cool, and Hypercool thin film inserts with a graphic pattern across the knee and shin to protect and cool from sun’s warming rays.



Nike Hypercool

The Nike Hypercool Top for men is designed to keep you cool with a fitted style that lies comfortably close to the body. While the Dri-FIT Max fabric wicks sweat away from the skin to help keep you dry, the stretch mesh fabric provides ventilation in high heat areas.

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