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New Year Fitness Motivation

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2017 is officially here and it’s time to put fitness back on the agenda after the holiday period. The timing is perfect – it’s a brand new year and it’s a great idea to have your New Year Fitness Motivation all mapped out to keep motivated and on track.

So let’s begin with the top 5 ways to keep a check on your New Year fitness motivation:


Get Real

Remember it’s just the beginning – start with something small. The key to actually achieving your fitness goal is by setting small, realistic goals throughout the week or month. We’ve all set unrealistic goals, particularly when it comes to weight loss, only to fall off the bandwagon and succumb to a big fat greasy cheeseburger. Sound familiar? Try making small adjustments to your diet like limiting yourself to a cup of coffee a day, adding more veggies to your diet, measuring your protein intake, regulating cheat days, and so on.

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Get On Track

We live in a world where you can track your heart rate right from your smartphone. Innovative fitness trackers have hit the fitness industry with countless technologies to help you keep pace with your fitness goals. Brands like Fitbit, TomTom and Jawbone come with various fitness trackers and heart rate monitors that track your sleep, count calories, plan your route and even allow you to set reminders for cardio, yoga and other recreational activities.

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Get Fit With A Friend

Fitness is addictive, particularly when you’ve got a friend who identifies with your fitness goals – someone who can motivate and challenge you along the way. That way, they become a part of your journey and motivate you to push the limits. Combined exercises are always better and more beneficial for strength training. Spin class, aerobics, yoga, Pilates and other sports activities are always better with a friend by your side.




Get Creative With Sport

Mixing up the intensity levels and the style of workout makes you more adaptive, fit and alert. Adding variety to your workout is important to keep things interesting and continuously challenging. Try to schedule a couple of spin classes and pair them with yoga or Pilates so that you get the best of both worlds. Taking up different challenges every week keeps you active and releases you of boredom.

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Get Your Gear

To amp up your fitness routine you’re going to have to invest in sportswear, shoes and various other gear to keep you on top of your health game. It is said that shopping for sportswear motivates you to try different workouts and get in shape, so head to today and take your pick of the latest sports gear to hit the online store.

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Try our top 5 tips to keep you motivated throughout the year and head to to shop for your next fitness session today!



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