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Keeping it Cool with adidas Technologies

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adidas technologies feature throughout the brand’s vast range of sportswear, and these technologies are designed to listen to your training and performance needs, keeping you cool and distraction-free while you work out. While there are many similar fabrics on the market, it’s the unique engineering of the adidas technology that sets it apart from the pack. We’ve chosen a few of our favourite technology-packed pieces from adidas, all available at Sun & Sand Sports.



What is techfit®?

This supportive technology is used on a wide range of adidas products, including everything from training bras to basketball sneakers and it is designed to provide a supportive yet flexible feel. The techfit® technology is used in the form of smooth overlay seams that deliver a highly supportive snug fit for a streamlined finish.

How does it work?

adidas techfit® works by contouring to the athlete’s body, wrapping it snugly, resulting in a more precise and efficient finish. The thin synthetic design and overlay seams flex and bend naturally with the movement of the body during exercise.


Adidas Techfit Bra

Adidas technologies

Be it elliptical training or hiking, get the support you need with the adidas Techfit Bra. The climacool® ventilation releases heat and lets air flow so you will be able to move easily while you work out. The bra is designed with recycled jersey, featuring techfit® technology that focuses on your muscles’ energy to generate maximum explosive power, acceleration and long-term endurance. Providing medium support with its compression fit, scoop neck and racer back mesh, this is a must-have for your workout wardrobe.



What is climacool®?

climacool® is a unique technology that provides all-round ventilation in the design of shoes, shirts, pants, sports bras, shorts, and other adidas products. it uses engineered materials to wick away moisture, allowing the fabric to breathe, adjusting to changes in body temperature during exercise.

How does it work?

climacool® apparel actively conducts heat and sweat away from the body by combining a mixture of heat-releasing and moisture-dissipating materials, using ventilation channels and three-dimensional fabrics to enable the circulation of air close to the skin’s surface.

adidas Techfit Tight

Adidas technologies

The adidas Techfit Tight provides a supportive compression fit that hugs the muscles for explosive power as you take on your everyday workout, supported by techfit® technology. The climachill™ feature keeps you cool with mesh-like fabric and titanium fibres that wick heat away from the body.



What is climalite®?

climalite® is one of the most renowned of the adidas technologies; it features an innovative fabric design that combines a cotton outer fabric and a cool-to-the-touch synthetic material underlay — a combination that makes for a softer feel against the skin. There are also adidas climalite® variations that feature a hydrophilic coating to further enhance the outer surface’s sweat-pulling properties.

How does it work?

As sweat builds, the synthetic fibres inside of the adidas climalite® garments get to work, pushing the sweat away from the body to the outer cotton layer where it is quickly evaporated. The hydrophilic finish directs moisture away from the body, while the lightweight polyester-based construction keeps you cool to help avoid overheating, so you will have a smoother, cooler and distraction-free training session.

These are a couple of our top climalite® picks from adidas, and quite literally, the coolest choices to make this summer as the weather heats up.


adidas Run Rev Short

Adidas technologies

Take your daily run further with this climalite® running short from adidas with its all-over triangle pattern print and inner pocket to keep your keys safe. These shorts are designed to keep you cool no matter how hot the weather, sweeping sweat away from your skin and keeping you fresh through your session.


adidas Run Graphic Jacket

Adidas technologies

Play with confidence and keep running no matter what the weather throws at you in this wind-protective jacket from adidas. The jacket features climalite® technology that sweeps sweat away from the skin to keep your body cool and dry, and the design features a catchy all-over triangle pattern print with long sleeves, thumb holes and a stylish regular fit.

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