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Get Wedding Fit Together!

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Congratulations, you’re engaged! Planning ahead for the big day? How many things have you checked off the list?

Wedding dress

Wedding cake

Choosing the wedding party

Wedding workout plan?

Yep; that. With so much of your time, energy and money spent on one day, have you thought about how you want to look and feel on the big day?

Weight loss plans or calorie-busting tips for the Bride are in abundance online, but what about the guys? And what ever happened to both males and females actually working out together to motivate each other? Now, that’s an idea!

Without scaring you with even more lists and plans, we’re here to advise you on one thing; Keep. It. Simple. Build on your wedding fitness as you wish so you increase the intensity over time and you’ll be on the right path. The best part? It doesn’t have to cost a thing!

Tip 1: Thirty minutes. No excuses.

Before work, after work, if you have thirty minutes to cook, you have thirty minutes to exercise. Make working out a habit. Couples can find it hard to incorporate fitness into a busy schedule, but you know what? It takes a magic figure: thirty. Thirty minutes a day, as long as you’re moving and active. It could be a brisk walk, cleaning the house or walking up and down flights of stairs continuously.

Tip 2: Get outdoors.

If motivation is hard, getting outdoors makes it tolerable. Pleasant surroundings and being away from your social media handle is exciting and stimulating…oh, look at that, you’ve just started walking around the block! Once you start to enjoy it, it no longer becomes a chore. If you become comfortable with walking, try running in the thirty-minute window.

couple yoga

Tip 3: Create a gym at home or at the park.

A park bench; a perfect tricep dip. Stairs; amazing glute workout. Your surroundings are basically a gym. There are thousands of videos online that can help you discover a whole body workout using a wall or bench. It’s also a good idea to buy some dumbbells, resistance bands and yoga mats of your own- you won’t even have to leave home to get fit!

couple workout

Tip 4: Simultaneous muscle targeting.

When there’s no time to work out, be efficient! If you already have a gym in your building or a gym membership, focus on exercises that make you work several muscle groups at the same time to see faster results. Squats, deadlifts, bench presses and rows are just some of the examples you can do as a circuit a few times a week, as well as your thirty-minutes-a-day target.

Tip 5: Use your fiancé/fiancée!

Working together creates results. Try Russian twists with a weighted ball which you can pass between you, for a tummy busting exercise. Try sit ups while holding each other’s feet. Try a gym circuit with three exercises and ten reps each and repeat for five minutes with the goal that you have to keep ahead of your partner. The possibilities are endless. Keep things fun and learn together!



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