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DFC 30×30 – The Gear You’ll Need To Win The Challenge

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By SSS Team
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It’s finally here! The highly-anticipated DFC 30×30!
Pretty sure you have seen enough of advertisements and promos across the city. Time to get in to the action.

With 40+ citywide events and 4000+ classes/activities, this year is only going to be bigger and better.
Number talk – 1 million registered entrants since 2017. WOW!!

If you feel the excuses creeping in and the urge to opt out, it is recommended you read ‘Why should I participate?‘ first.

30 minutes for 30 days to an improved you; totally do-able even by beginners.

It’s Not Just About You

Now let’s talk about the next logical move – Why only you?

Get your friends and family involved. The near ones. The dear ones. Even the ones whose faces you see more than your family; your office mates.
Form a team, sign up for an event and compete. It helps not just with fitness, but boosts teamwork and productivity too.

There is a simple step to get the competitive spirit going – Get them to join your group.
(You can download the app from here).
Simply ‘Sign In’, create your account and then your fitness group.
Easy as 1-2-3.

The DFC 30×30 app lets you track your progress and activities, according to which you will be ranked in your group. People don’t like to lose, so if they see their name dead-last, they are bound to do something about it. Genius isn’t it?

Getting The Right Gear

The right set of tools get the job done much more efficiently. Similarly, the right gear helps in making a good workout, better. Fortunately we know just what’s right for you depending on the activity.

Training: Resistance or weight training is one of the staple forms of exercise. Now, we have many variations of it: Cross fit, HIIT workout, Calisthenics, etc.
But the core principle is the same – exerting an opposing force against a weight.

What you will require:

                Quick-drying apparel

                Stable shoes for support

                Fitness trackers & Heart Rate monitors, for those who like to see their workout in numbers (Optional)

You can browse some of the freshest training gear here.

Running: This is considered as an intensive and high-impact sport, as it involves your whole body. Runners are often chiseled with a low body fat percentage, high cardiovascular strength and endurance. All that’s needed is a treadmill or the streets.

What you will require:

                Light-weight, quick-drying apparel

                Shock-absorbing shoes to mitigate long-run injuries

                Fitness trackers & Heart Rate monitors (Optional)

You can browse some of the best running shoes and gear here.

Zumba Dance Fitness Exercises: Probably one of the most enjoyable workouts, the vibes of these classes often leave you breathless with an overdose of happiness. The movement keeps your heart rate high and the music ensures a happy mood the whole day.

What you will require:

                Light-weight, sweat-wicking clothing

                Nimble, breathable shoes

                Fitness trackers & Heart Rate monitors (Optional)

You can browse some funky dance class shoes and gear here.

Whatever your preference, the DFC 30×30 is sure to have activities that cater to it. Get your gear and get fit.

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See you on Day 1 partner. Yalla!

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