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A dip in the temperatures is more than welcome, it’s a breath of fresh air. Literally.
With so many outdoor activities to choose from, how do you make a decision? Well, ask the expert.

We are big fans of running, especially on scenic locations. The sensation of the wind as you soak up the ambience is simply exhilarating. No wonder it is one of the most popular activities in the fitness community.

Running is convenient, barely requires any equipment and yields fantastic results. But there is more to running than meets the eye.

Why Running? 

Like any exercise, running helps with weight loss, improves the immune system, uplifts the mood, etc. But unlike most exercises, running is a high-impact sport. It involves your whole body simultaneously. The faster/longer you move, the greater the impact.

Running is most effective for weight loss and cardiovascular health. Regular runners are known to be quite mobile even in their late 50’s. Not to mention lean, mean with worthy-of-envy toned physiques.

There are 3 common types of running: jogging, sprints and marathons. Jogging is low-intensity and more like a warm-up. Sprinting is short distance but super intense. Marathons are long-distance and are more of a test of the mind than the body.

A mix-and-match of those three is enough to keep you fit as a fiddle.

How Can I Improve My Runs?

Every champion was a beginner. And every beginner has to begin…somewhere.
Assuming you are enthusiastic about this and want to make some serious runs, we can more than help with your goal.

1. As with any exercise, the first step is to get your determination in place. It gets easier from then.

2. Get running, at least for 20 minutes every day. If you can’t run, then jog. But keep moving. It makes a difference.

3. Pace yourself during runs, change your rhythm, switch your speed. If you are aiming to improve your top speed, increase the top speed duration. Ensure not burn-out too quickly though.

4. Don’t forget to breathe. This is most important as lactic acid build-up will cause you to slow-down as fatigue sets in. Breathing exercises outside of running help too.

5. Keep running. Don’t quit.
Always keep pushing, be it your top speed or maximum distance. The only way is forward.

Thank us later.

Where Can I Run?

Now that you know what to do and how to do it, we give some of the best running locations in Dubai and Jeddah. We couldn’t pick a favourite but these were some of the tracks that you wouldn’t want to return from.

Best running tracks in Dubai

Jumeirah Beach (UAE)

7 Km of picturesque sun and sand, stretching from Jumeirah Beach Hotel all the way to Sunset Beach. Soak up the beach vibes on one of the longest jogging tracks in Dubai. Either go solo or join one of the many fitness groups. They are very welcoming.

Al Ittihad Park, Palm Jumeirah (UAE)

Tucked away within the Palm Jumeirah is the cosy little Al Ittihad Park with its Instagram-worthy backdrop. The track covers a distance of 2.7 km, not a lot but enough to get your heart racing. Just make sure you run more than you click photos.

Mamzar Beach (UAE)

The Mamzar running track is widely regarded as the best one out there, mainly because it’s away from the bustling city. Pure bliss. Engage in some calisthenics with the beach-side equipment or simply relieve the stress of the day.

Best running tracks in Jeddah

Jeddah Waterfront (KSA)

A run by the seaside is a sure-fire way to flush out the daily blues and re-energize. It is easily one of the most enthralling running spots in the city. If you have an eye for photography, you can get some good shots in as well.

Tahlia Walkway (KSA)

One for the hardcore runners, you can clock in some serious miles on this track and squeeze in bit of a workout on the side-equipment. The advantage – it’s right in the middle of the city.

The Walk Hilton (KSA)

Second only to the Jeddah Waterfront walk, this is quite a popular running track for its scenic beauty that blends well with the architecture. Night runs are often the preferred type for this track.

Now that’s all the info you need. All talk and no running makes jack a dull boy. Put on your gear and pick your place.

Let’s get up and running!

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