Sporting Life | 15/10/2019

Challenge Accepted? Gear Up And Get Ready!

By Sid Mohiuddin
Copywriter, SSSPORTS.COM

Last week we talked about how we take our health for granted and how you can achieve your fitness goals with just 30 minutes of workout each day. The challenge issued was if you can keep it up for 30 days.

If you have accepted the challenge, and we certainly hope you did, know this – we are rooting for you.
Moreover, we would like to help you get there.

Getting The Right Gear

The right set of tools get the job done much more efficiently. Similarly, the right gear helps in making a good workout, better. Fortunately we know just what’s right for you depending on the activity.

Training: Resistance or weight training is one of the staple forms of exercise. Now, we have many variations of it: Cross fit, HIIT workout, Calisthenics, etc.
But the core principle is the same – exerting an opposing force against a weight.

What you will require:

                Quick-drying apparel

                Stable shoes for support

                (Optional) Fitness trackers & Heart Rate monitors, for those who like to see their workout in numbers.

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Running: Running is considered as an intensive and high-impact sport, as it involves your whole body. Runners are often chiseled with a low body fat percentage, high cardiovascular strength and endurance. All that’s needed is a treadmill or the streets.

What you will require:

                Light-weight, quick-drying apparel

                Shock-absorbing shoes to mitigate long-run injuries

                (Optional) Fitness trackers & Heart Rate monitors

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Zumba & Dance Fitness Exercises: Probably one of the most enjoyable workouts, the vibes of these classes often leave you breathless with an overdose of happiness. The movement keeps your heart rate high and the music ensures a happy mood the whole day.

What you will require:

                Light-weight, sweat-wicking clothing

                Nimble, breathable shoes

                (Optional) Fitness trackers & Heart Rate monitors

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The above are some of the popular fitness trends, but your options are not limited to just those. Pick whatever activity you feel comfortable and follow through. With consistent efforts by the end of the month, you are sure to see a better version of yourself.

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