Health Tips | 02/06/2020

Back To The Gym? Here Are 7 Post-Lockdown Tips

By Sid Mohiuddin
Copywriter, SSSPORTS.COM

The lockdown has now been eased. After staying indoors for the longest time, you can’t wait to get back outdoors. Isn’t that right?
However, do bear in mind – The lockdown has been eased, but that does not mean COVID-19 has disappeared. You are still at risk.

The pandemic doesn’t seem to be ending as per the predictions. But staying locked in is not a feasible option either. In this precarious phase, we have some tips that will help you get back to your fitness routine and reduce the risk of contracting the corona virus.

1. Pre-book your appointment

Majority of the facilities are running at 50% capacity to combat the spread of COVID. Many gyms and fitness centres allow you to book your session with them beforehand. This will save you time instead of being refused entry or waiting at the door.

2. Safe distance please

Ensure a minimum of 6 feet distance from other people. This reduces the risk spread through air as per the instructions of WHO. Often places will have markers on the floor to show the safe distance but it’s always better to have an approximate idea.

3. Wear protective gear

Despite opinions on the internet about wearing gloves and working out, it is now crucial to wear them. It obviously reduces the risk through surface contamination. Just be sure not to touch your face with them. Face masks should ideally be worn but they may cause breathing difficulty while working out.

4. Bring your own towel

Avoid using the towels provided in fitness centres and gyms. They may be washed correctly but it is always better to not take the chance. Bringing your own towel significantly reduces your risk of catching the virus.

5. Ventilation helps

It is ideal to work in well-ventilated areas. The smaller the place, the easier germs can travel through the air. Given the high temperatures, if windows are allowed to be opened, open them up to allow the air inside to diffuse with the air outside. Fresh air is always better.

6. No public showers

Public showers are easily the most high-risk locations as they contain discharges and wash-offs from many other people. It will be in your best interest to avoid these places. Wipe yourself with a damp cloth, perhaps use a deodorant and then shower when you get home to keep the risk minimum.

7. Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize

Ensure your equipment is sanitized before use. Ensure it is sanitized after use. There are cleaners assigned specifically for this purpose, be sure to flag them before and after using equipment. This helps make sure all weights and equipment is sanitized and nothing gets left out. Please do sanitize your gym wear and personal equipment once you have used them outdoors too. A quick wash or just a wipe with sanitizer will do the trick.

Staying fit is essential and we all have to do so while keeping these points in mind. It is our collective responsibility to ensure the well-being of each other, which is quite easy if we take our individual role seriously and see it through.

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