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5 Perfect Post-Workout Foods

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Exercising on a regular basis keeps your body working like a well-oiled machine, and it is important to refuel on the right types of foods after a serious workout to keep your body up and running. So instead of giving into your post-exercise cravings, make your workout count with these 5 healthy foods and be re-energised and ready for your next training routine.

1. Eggs


A healthy bang for your buck: eggs are easy to whip up and they offer an excellent dose of protein and healthy fats for a good post-workout meal. Whether it’s an egg salad sandwich lightened up with avocado, or a fluffy omelette, the yolk and the white combined are important in speeding up the recovery of muscles — as well as building them up. Pair your egg dish with some whole wheat bread to stay satiated for longer.


2. Milk


The ultimate protein drink, milk promotes fast-acting relief for muscle pain and strains resulting from exercise. Milk contains a great balance of proteins and carbohydrates, so it will replenish your tired body and fill you up right away – putting a stop to any cravings or overeating. For an added carbohydrate boost, try flavoured milk such as chocolate, strawberry or vanilla which has a more beneficial carbohydrate-to-protein ratio — promoting muscle recovery and rebuilding in a much shorter period of time.


3. Cottage Cheese


A tasty remedy for muscle recovery, cottage cheese unlike other curds is low in saturated fat and sugar – perfect for those watching their waistlines. Packing a high water content for hydrating tired muscles, the carbohydrates found in the cheese will restore your muscle fuel: glycogen, so you’ll feel reinvigorated after a tough workout. To haul in all of its nutrition, mix cottage cheese into a bowl of fruits for the added fibre and vitamins, or munch on it plain and load up on your proteins.


4. Tuna


The gold-standard food of proteins — tuna repairs and builds muscles, particularly after a tough workout session. Pile on the heart-healthy fish on whole wheat crackers or bread for the perfect post-workout meal that offers a great combination of carbohydrates and protein to energise your tired body and fuel up the muscles. These meal pairings provide a great source of energy so you’ll feel full for longer — staving off any unnecessary snacking.


5. Blueberries


Blueberries are great fruits to chomp down on after a workout, as they contain a number of antioxidants that speed up the recovery of muscles as well as reducing muscle pain. They pack a high water content to hydrate your body and in turn reduce muscle cramps. Blueberries are a great source of energy and they’re great for those with a sweet craving. Throw them into a protein shake to increase your nutritional intake, or have them with some oats so you’ll stay fuller for longer.

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