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5 Alternative Team Sports

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There is no shortage of options when it comes to the local sports scene, particularly when it comes to the more classic options: your football, basketball and tennis for example. But why not step out of your comfort zone and try something new with one of these 5 activities and put a new spin on your team sports experience.



It’s the sport that doesn’t feel like you’re exercising at all, thanks to the fun atmosphere and picturesque ocean views, but playing beach volleyball is actually a really good full-body workout. Working your upper body to spike and serve, and your core and lower body to run through the sand, the calories continue burning as you dive, jump and run about. So have your swimwear at the ready and rope in 2 or more friends to work up a sweat and have plenty of fun in the sun.

Where to play?  Join a league with Duplays and meet new people playing at Mina Seyahi.




Rally your friends and compete against each other in a series of relay races, whether you choose a more traditional approach or you put a fun twist on it. From balancing eggs or marbles on a spoon, to a three-legged race, run through the game in a light-hearted, cheerful atmosphere anytime, anywhere. Great as a team-building activity, relay races also make for creative outdoor exercises for people of all ages.

Where to play?  Whether it’s a team of 3 or 9, any open space on a beach or in a field works well for relay races.




Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee incorporates many different moves, including sprinting, quick turns and high jumps, which are great at firing up your stamina and toning up. Ultimate Frisbee is a high-intense game that fine-tunes your motor skills and improves speed and agility over time. It’s often a game used as an icebreaker at team-building events, and whether it’s competitive or not, the game will foster camaraderie all round.

Where to play?  Get a few friends together and hit Zabeel Park or Kite Beach to play a few rounds of Ultimate Frisbee, or hone your skills and go pro by joining the World Championships of Beach Ultimate held at JBR every March.




Not just for kids, hula hooping is a full body and mind workout. Depending on the weight of the hoop and how fast you move – front, back and in circular motions, you’ll work up a sweat exercising your arms, core and legs. Regardless of weight, age or fitness level, crank up the music and put the hoop to the hip with your friends and family at the park or at home. As you get more acquainted with the activity, incorporate spins, twirls and weaves to increase the level of difficulty.

Where to play?  Join a session at Flowground in Al Quoz, or twirl the hoop with friends at the beach.




Have a good laugh, get fit and compete to be the last man or woman standing with a round of dodgeball. The short bursts of sprinting serve as cardio and strength-training, based on the velocity and distance of your throws. Dodgeball is an all-round fun activity for everyone. A game where the more play, the merrier it becomes, this sport can be played with 1 or more balls depending on how fast you want the game to be.

Where to play?  Organise a pick-up game on a field or court, or head to BOUNCE Dubai and turn up the difficulty level by playing it on trampolines.

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