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The World Cup Semis – One Step Closer!

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Belgium, France, England and Croatia… these are your top 4 teams that have made it through to the Semi-Finals in their quest for the World Cup 2018. Belgium takes on France whilst England battles it out with Croatia. Which team is going to take it? Let’s just take a quick look at the stats.


Belgium is slowly starting to show how strong a team it really is and why it’s important to always count them in when talking about the best international football teams – defeating a team like Brazil says it all.

Key Players to look out for: Eden Hazard, Kevin DeBruyne, Romelu Lukaku

Eden Hazard has been directly involved in 14 goals in his last 14 games for Belgium with eight goals and six assists. Taking the ball off of him is going to be a challenge.

Kevin DeBruyne was shackled by a deep-lying midfield role earlier in the competition but when unleashed in his preferred attacking position up the field, he devastated Brazil, even scoring a wonderful goal from outside the box.

Romelu Lukaku might be big in stature but he is also quick and nimble on his feet. Involved in 20 goals in his last 13 games with 17 goals and 3 assists, this is a striker any defence would fear.


France has always been considered a strong team and with their current star players running rampant on every team this World Cup, it wouldn’t be wrong to believe that they’ll be taking home the title.

Key Players to look out for: Paul Pogba, Antoine Griezmann, Kylian Mbappe

Paul Pogba performed with unmatched authority in France’s 2-0 quarterfinal win over Uruguay by winning 14 duels. Strong and calculative, Pogba is a midfield king and seeing him take on Kevin DeBruyne will surely be a sight to behold.

Antoine Griezmann has scored 7 goals in 6 of his previous knockout-stage matches, beginning with his explosive display at the Euro 2016, winning him a Golden Boot.

Kylian Mbappe has now become the highest scoring teenager in a World Cup since Pele’s 6 goals back in 1958. Quick on his feet with precise finishes, Mbappe is a nightmare to defend against.


No one expected Croatia to make it this far and the fact that they have proven their resilience and fire, silencing the naysayers; they just might bag the coveted trophy.

Key Players to look out for: Luka Modric, Ivan Rakitic

Luka Modric is an extremely hard working footballer who doesn’t shy away from defensive duties even if his actual place is up front.

Ivan Rakitic keeps pushing, something that Barcelona admires, and through his resilience Croatia went through to the Semi-Finals when he scored the winning penalty.


Is it coming home? These are the words on every England fan’s lips, even if they aren’t English themselves. Consisting of a Premier League All Stars team, England has surprised and surpassed expectations of many and now face Croatia in a fight that might test them the hardest this World Cup, period.

Key Players to look out for: Harry Kane, Kieran Trippier, Harry Maguire

Harry Kane has been on a roll. He’s had one of the best seasons with Tottenham and is continuing his footballing grace through England, having scored 6 goals already.

Kieran Trippier has been key in creating chances for England with his precise passing, ball control and set-piece deliveries.

Harry Maguire is a strong defensive roadblock for the opposition whilst also being able to attack with his cool and calm ball dribbles, long balls and indirect set-piece threat.

It would be unfair to say one team deserves it over the other when all teams have performed with such grace and dedication. As the proven best take on the new blood in what is to be remembered as one of the most intense and remarkable Semi-Finals to date, we cheer on our teams with undying passion and love. Shop online with Sun & Sand Sports and get yourself the team jerseys of your favourite football teams and clubs.




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