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Vans Made For the Makers: UAE Creatives Speak Their Sole

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Great, inspiring art isn’t always found within the four corners of a canvas. It springs from everywhere – a busy restaurant kitchen, your favourite coffee shop, a dusty garage or local barbershop even. Vans is celebrating these everyday artists with the launch of this season’s Made For The Makers collection, featuring their most hardwearing shoes for the most hardworking of creatives.

The Vans brand supports the UAE creative community and shines the spotlight on those who choose to pursue “Off The Wall” art and lifestyle. Meet the Vans Makers and hear their stories here.

Marco Möller

Vans Made For The Makers Dubai

Marco has been customising and building motorcycles for eight years, and his craft has evolved into experimental metal work projects. He’s the founder of möto, the café-and-bike shop that serves cold brew in an authentic biker atmosphere. “I opened möto as a hangout for bikers. Coffee then came naturally as most mechanics enjoy coffee while working, which brought other creative people – musicians, artists and influencers who needed a quiet place to work,” he said.

Marco loves pushing his boundaries wearing his Made For The Makers Old Skool shoes: “I enjoy making unique work such as furniture, bike parts, jewellery and art pieces. I work up to 14 hours a day in the workshop, and Vans shoes are extremely comfortable. The fact they are black is great for makers because we are messy people. It suits my job because I work with a lot of oil, dust, grease and paint.”

Samantha Lloyd

Vans Made For The Makers Dubai UAE

A barbershop is a place where men can be men. But what if your barber is a woman? Samantha is changing the norms by being the first female barber in the UAE – working at Chaps and Co. “Starting out as the first female barber here was very challenging. Some people didn’t like the idea, but people also accepted it, which was a massive positive,” she said. Her job is all about delivering the best haircuts and experiences. “The client is the most important part of my job – to make sure they will always leave my chair feeling amazing and confident.”

The Made For The Makers Authentic shoes are designed for the jobs that keep you on your feet. “Comfort is a big part of your day and if you don’t have the right footwear it will change your mood. It makes a huge difference when my feet aren’t sore after an 11-hour shift circling around my client.”

Peter Ahn

Vans Made For The Makers Dubai

Peter dishes up something new for the local food scene. As the founder of YUi Japanese ramen restaurant and FRAME lifestyle shop, Peter’s craft meshes culture, food and design in the most creative way. His shop is his playground: “I started this business because I wanted to have a job that I would like to do for rest of my life. I love to share with people what I enjoy the most. It is a great pleasure to know myself because I learn something every day.”

Like him, his Made For The Makers Slip-On style is innovative in its simplicity. “It’s basic-focused yet it’s chic because of the colour. It matches easily with anything and it can be created in many different designs and shapes.”

Layne Redman

Vans Made For The Makers Abu Dhabi

Layne is a TV presenter, actor and recently the owner of the Jamaican pop-up restaurant, Papa Burty’s. Named after his great uncle, Papa Burty’s serves authentic Jamaican patties with a lot of personality. Layne said his food concept is born out of his love for eating and making people happy. “Papa Burty was a bit of a nomad. He’s one of those people who is always innovative in terms of ingredients and cooking. That inspired me to be forward thinking when it comes to food. A lot of times when someone has a patty, I want them to eat it in front of me. I love educating and meeting new people. I need it, I crave it.”

That’s why Layne loves his Made For The Makers Sk8-Hi shoes: “I haven’t even noticed that I’ve got the shoes on. They’re that comfortable. I’m usually sore from being on my feet and running around and I just can’t wait to take my shoes off – but I just want to keep these on. They’re fantastic and they look good as well.”

The Vans Made For the Makers shoe collection is available exclusively at – find the pair that speaks to your sole.



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