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Top 5 alternative ideas for your workout

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Many of us fall into the trap of signing up to a gym for a full year, what with great offers and our own good intentions to get back into our fitness. But sometimes you need a change of scenery to get your exercise routine going again, and the best way to do that is to mix things up with alternative workouts.

Here are 5 alternative exercise ideas to give you a break from your usual gym workout:


Top 5 alternative workout

So you’re not a fan of spinning classes at the gym? Not a problem; move to the outdoors by taking your bike out for a scenic ride around your local park. Take the level up a notch by taking your wheels to uneven ground or hilly terrain for an off-road challenge — increase the incline, take your gears down and test your stamina while you ride. Keep your heart rate pumping to maintain a powerful cardio workout.



Top 5 alternative workout

Zumba is a great alternative workout if you’re not a fan of the treadmill, as it mixes various dance moves into an aerobic cardio routine. Dancing in general is a fantastic form of exercise for the body; sign up for a Salsa class at your local studio, or a ballet-fusion session if that’s more your style, and get a sweat on to the beats of a Cuban band. It will feel much less like work and more like fun, and your body will be reaping all the benefits while you give your exercise routine a bit of a revamp.



Top 5 alternative workout

Go digital with an online tutorial, or mobile App such as the Nike + Training Club App. This gives you the freedom of working out at home and slipping a quick dose of exercise into your daily routine, without having to go far. You may be looking after the children, or waiting for a delivery — or perhaps you want to squeeze in a morning fitness fix before you dash to the office. Whatever your schedule, going digital is a great alternative to the gym.



Top 5 alternative workout

Turn your workout into a leisurely jog along the beach; take in the scenery and work hard as you run along the uneven sandy dunes for a challenging, yet picturesque dose of cardio. If you don’t have a beach to run along, your local park is the next best thing. Running outdoors is both more interesting and more challenging than running on a treadmill, as you will be faced with uneven terrain, a variety of inclines and hazards here and there, to keep you agile and on your toes (quite literally) as you move.



Top 5 alternative workout

Swimming is a fantastic all-body workout that works a range of different muscles, whilst simultaneously creating a calming and relaxing state for the body as you zone out from your daily tasks and focus your concentration on the resistance of the water against your movement. Lengths in the swimming pool can become fairly monotonous, so why not take your goggles to the sea and enjoy your aqua workout in more natural surroundings.

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