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Top 3 Swimming Techniques For The Summer

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By Sweta Bisht
Copywriter, SSSPORTS.COM

Swimming is one of the key events in the Summer Games 2016. When it comes to swimming, performance in the pool is everything. You may be a well-trained athlete or simply getting your daily laps in, but achieving a great result is what it’s all about.

We’ve compiled the top 3 swimming techniques so that you can take the plunge this summer.


The stroke you choose will depend very much on your ability and also your preferred swimming style in the pool. The Front and the breast stroke is one of the most common styles of swimming. This technique can be a bit tricky as it first requires you to sync your breathing pattern with your movement.

The back stroke is the only swimming stroke that is technique that is swum in a backward direction while the butterfly stroke requires the arms to move simultaneously overhead and the legs to perform a dolphin kick.


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Nailing the right diving technique will hugely impact your swimming performance as this is what propels you into the water and gives you the start you need to get distance quickly. A good dive off the starting block is essential to improving your times, winning races and smashing your personal best. The idea is to get as far into the pool as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Make sure you keep your head down as you enter the water and your hands remain tightly together so they don’t create resistance when they hit the water – the closer together they are, the more streamline you will be in the water.

swimming_ ae

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Breathing is an essential part of performance swimming and can be tricky to get to grips with — moving in and out of the water at speed. The swimmer must exhale forcefully through the nose or mouth while the face is in the water, so that when they turn to breathe the lungs are almost empty and ready to accept a fresh breath of air. Breathing while swimming becomes rhythmical, and assists in the body’s movement through the water as the lungs fill with air and release to drive through the movement.

Make sure you keep all distractions like uncomfortable clothing, outdated accessories, and loose hair etc. at bay so that you can focus on sharpening your technique.


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