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Sundried Sportswear: Exclusively At SSS Online

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UK-based sports brand, Sundried, carries a wide range of apparel and gear to support different athletes and active lifestyles – with a special focus on the triathlon. Behind the brand are innovators, fitness experts and athletes who have developed a range of products to ensure optimum performance and quality. But more than that, they are an eco-friendly and ethically conscious brand. Their premium activewear products are equipped with the latest technology and their newest line is proudly made from recycled materials. To reach the thriving triathlon community in the region, Sundried is now available exclusively at Sun & Sand Sports online.


For triathletes, the outdoors is their ultimate playground and toughest obstacle course. They dive head on to the challenge in the open water swim start, cycle through headwind for miles and pound the ground running towards the finish line. Participating in a multi-stage competition is a feat in its own right, and being able to do it in nature is a privilege. That’s why even as we aspire to push our physical limits, we must always spare a thought for the environment. The Sundried activewear brand lives by this very philosophy.



Training wear, especially gear dedicated to multi-sport activities like triathlons, must be hardwearing, multi-functional and distraction-free. The Sundried Performance Tri-Suit for men, and also available for women ticks all the right boxes. Made with Italian fabrics, this exceptionally breathable suit is chlorine-proof and UV-protected whether for indoor training or outdoor competitions. It stretches with every action, retains its original shape, and is fitted with a chamois pad for comfort.

All Sundried apparel is built on performance-focused technology. The sweat-wicking fabric pulls moisture away from the skin and on to the clothing so it dries 200% faster than cotton. They use two types of multi-directional stretch fabric, the 2-way and 4-way, which moves with the body to eliminate chafing and riding up. And the temperature control ability means it can withstand both cold and warm conditions – great for transitions from swim to cycle to run.



Respect for the planet is at the heart of the brand. Sundried supports ethical and sustainable production of apparel, and the company has teamed up with the Low Carbon Innovation Fund to lessen their carbon footprint and their customers’ as well. To push the eco-friendly message further, Sundried’s latest range uses recycled coffee grounds and plastic water bottles as part of the main materials. To explain briefly how these clothes are made, it begins by treating recycled materials and re-engineering them to make stronger fibres. Through an energy-saving process, the treated fibres are sent to the factory, spun into cloth and designed as garments. So what was once trash becomes high-performance clothing that can take athletes to new heights while protecting Mother Nature.


Perform well and do good by nature with the Sundried premium and ethical activewear now available exclusively online at To know more about the Sundried technology and values, or about other latest releases on sports and lifestyle, sign up to our newsletter now.



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