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SSS Video: Total Abs Workout

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Achieving abdominal definition is something many of us strive to achieve in our workouts — from those daily crunches, to Pilates workouts and CrossFit core exercises. We break it down into a few simple steps to show you how to focus on those abs and build definition, strength and stability in your core muscles.

The abdominal muscles:

The abdominal muscles are made up of a group of muscles called: rectus abdominis, transversus abdominis, internal obliques and external obliques. These muscles make up the area referred to as the ‘core’ and are used to stabilise the spine and therefore the body as a whole through postural alignment.

Watch the Sun & Sand Sports Total Abs Workout video featuring Personal Trainer, Bence Somogyi who takes us through eight simple abs exercises.


(Perform 10-15 reps per exercise and repeat each sequence 2-3 times. Maintain controlled breathing throughout.)

1. Sit-ups

Engage the abdominals and lift the entire torso into a semi-seated position. Use the abs to control the movement of the body and avoid lifting your feet off the mat as you move.

2. Crunches

Engage the abdominals and raise the shoulders and upper back off the mat for a more targeted exercise. Keep the range of movement small and controlled.

3. Oblique twists

Follow the Crunches sequence — raising the shoulder and upper back off the mat and modify by twisting the torso to the alternate side of the body in a diagonal movement. Maintain pelvic stability in order to target specific muscles: the internal and external obliques.

4. Side plank

Targeting the obliques, hold the body in a straight line, positioning the elbow directly below the shoulders and lift the body. Hold the position for 60 seconds without letting the hip drop and repeat on the other side.

5. Side plank with hip hike

Add a hip hike to the side plank for an added challenge as you work harder to maintain pelvic stability. Targeting both the abs and glutes, lift the hip as you work to keep the body in a straight line.

6. Extended toe touches

Engage the abdominals to reach the legs out in a straight line and tap alternate feet to the floor, maintaining a stable core throughout.

7. Crossover leg scissors

Targeting both the abdominals and the inner/outer thigh muscles (adductors and abductors), reach the legs out in a straight line and cross the legs over alternately, maintaining stability throughout.

8. Plank with side step

Add more challenge to your elbow plank by extending alternate legs out to the side and gently tapping the toe to the mat. Maintaining pelvic stability is key and will require strong engagement of the abs to hold the body in a steady position.

Total Abs Workout

The six pack:

In order to achieve the ‘six pack’ definition, it is important to mix abs exercises with cardio to burn fat while building the core. These exercises could include:

  1. Running or jogging every other day.
  2. Finishing off a cardio session with circuit abs training to keep momentum going.
  3. Eating smaller portions more often throughout the day, preferably protein-rich foods which will help to keep the metabolism high — making fat-burning easier to achieve.


The cool down:

It is important to follow every workout with a variety of stretches. Reasons to stretch:

  1. It helps to prevent muscle strain and injury.
  2. It improves the oxygen supply to the muscles.
  3. It improves the development of muscle fibres.

Find other ways to get fit with the Sun & Sand Sports 5 Workout Routines for Toning Up and the Top 5 Alternative Ideas For Your Workout to give you a variety of exercise options to keep you moving and on the go. Find all your fitness favourites and get kitted out for your workout routines by heading to your nearest Sun & Sand Sports store.


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