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Ride The Waves With Hurley JJF X Sig Zane

By Karen Gregory
Copywriter, SSSPORTS.COM

Get ready for that time of year when the conditions are warm but not too hot to stay out in the sun and cool off in the water on your surfboard – or rocking that surfer look. The designs in the Hurley JJF X Sig Zane surf clothing celebrate the new era of world-class surfers, like JJF (John John Florence) and the patterns inspired by the island he represents: Hawaii, as put together by artist, Sig Zane.

JJF is a surfing sensation, first hitting the waves at three years old, being the youngest person to compete in the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing age 13 and after years of hard work, dedication and passion for the water, was crowned 2017 World Surf League Men’s Champion 2017 – the best surfer in the world.

Let’s take a look at the style in this collaboration and how you can wear your surfing clothing like the pro himself.

Take it to the cool surf caféHurley JJF X Sig Zane Surfing Shirt UAE

JJF is recognised everywhere. Thanks to his fame, he only has to walk a few metres down the beach to attract a crowd. Be the centre of attention and check out the Hurley DriFIT JJF X Sig Zane Kahuliwae ShortSleeve Shirt , a smart edition to the surfing t-shirt that also keeps you cool when the nights are still warm.

Taking it to the waterHurley JJF X Sig Zane Surfing Boardshorts GCC

These shorts are the real deal and the only clothing you need for surfing in warm weather. JJF lives in shorts; even as a boy he would surf early morning, throw on a t-shirt and shorts to school, and straight on the board again in the evening!

Hurley Phantom JJF X Sig Zane Kahuliwae Boardshorts in faded colourways allow you to imagine JJF’s beautiful beaches where he grew up. The design also depicts the huli seed, a family island tradition whereby the best seed (the Ka Huli Wae, or ‘chosen seed’) of the taro vegetable is planted for the next generation of growing crops. It’s a sign of respect to the feats of JJF, representing the next generation of Hawaiian surfers to the world. Are you ready to show them your serious surf side?

Hurley JJF X Sig Zane Surfing Boardshorts Dubai

Taking it to the ShoresHurley JJF X Sig Zane Surfing T-Shirt Hawaiian Inspired Dubai

When you see JJF in interviews or photo shoots, he likes to wear an easy-going t-shirt. Out of the water, you want to keep the sun off your shoulders and breathe easily so the Hurley JJF x Sig Zane T-Shirt is a surf clothing essential to give you an updated surfer-cool look.

Hit the surf and clinch the surfer look in time for summer with the Hurley JJF X Sig Zane collection from Sun & Sand Sports.

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